Fabio Petrone




“MILANO HOME has everything

the retailer needs”

Name Fabio


Surname Petrone


What I do

I am a home design sales agent.


Years of experience in the industry

40 years.


My main talent

My talent - at work - is basically to be an organised agent with an inclination to design, conceive and prepare my work in a way that always connects with the customer and establishes a relationship of mutual trust.


Territories I represent and explore for work



Kilometres travelled annually

40,000 km


The most beautiful thing I have seen in a shop

I was very impressed by an entire shop set up inside a historical mansion. Generally speaking, the atmosphere, the magic and the mood created in that environment left me speechless. Many shops succeed in making their character shine through, precisely because of a dynamic approach that manages to fully engage the customer.


Have the outlets changed over the years? And if so, how.

Yes, many shops have changed over time. Whereas in the past the quantity of products on display prevailed, nowadays, more attention is given to emphasising the individual object and its setting in the right environment in order to attract the customer's eye.


Advice for shops that want to continue to grow.

I want to advise all shopkeepers to continue to offer original, unique and valuable objects, always trying to maintain quality and price standards in line with consumer needs.


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In my opinion, MILANO HOME encompasses everything a retail store needs, namely product sophistication, style, elegance and innovation.