Giuseppe Bonollo




“Focusing on product quality - as MILANO HOME is doing - will make our industry grow”

Name: Giuseppe


Surname: Bonollo


What I do

I am a sales agent


Years of experience in the industry

I started working in the home sector in 1996; before that I was a sales inspector for Giuseppe Bellora SpA.


Main talent 

I believe that after so many years of experience in this field my main talent is the ability to listen. That is why I spend a lot of time speaking with my customers to understand their needs and meet them in the best possible way. 


Territories I represent and explore for work

Lombardy and Veneto, in particular Verona.


Kilometres travelled annually

60,000 km approx.


The most beautiful thing I have seen in a shop

The care that the shopkeeper devotes to the showcasing of the product, precisely because it captures the customer's interest the most. 


Have the outlets changed over the years? And if so, how

All shops have changed considerably in recent times, and in my opinion for the better.

In the past, shop windows were an agglomeration of products, placed in plain sight, to show the end consumer only the quantity and not the quality of the item. Now there is much more emphasis on the latter. In fact, shop windows are becoming more and more attractive precisely to entice the customer to buy a product. This activity is carried out through the promotion of unique and customised items, triggering in the customer the need to best represent their reality.


Advice for shops that want to continue to grow

Personally, I always recommend continuing to experiment and find ways to differentiate oneself from others, enhancing one's products and items.


Why not miss the 2024 edition of MILANO HOME

Mainly because it is a new project, a new experience not based on the mass trading of products but rather on the quality of the products, which in my opinion must be stimulated to increase the growth of the sector.