Luana Zillio




“MILANO HOME: A strong and renewed

revival of the Italian lifestyle

Name: Luana


Surname: Zillio


What I do: After many years of working as an export manager for leading lighting companies in Murano, I decided to move to Dubai in 2011 to open my own company/agency as a brand ambassador for Italian companies in the lighting and interior design industry, both for residential and hospitality.


Years of experience in the industry: In total, I have been working in the home sector for 25 years as an export manager, 7 years of which with Venini, the last 13 as resident Dubai brand ambassador for companies such as Barovier & Toso, Bosatrade, Arte Veneziana ...and others


My main talent: I like to communicate with people of other nationalities and understand, by listening to them, their needs and consequently promote and find a market for the companies I represent.


Territories I represent and explore for work: the entire Middle East including Egypt


Kilometres travelled annually: More than the kilometres travelled, I should count the flying hours spent during all these years or the world countries visited for work. At first I kept count, then at some point I felt overwhelmed so I don't do it any more, definitely a few hundred thousand miles a year.


The most beautiful thing I have seen in a shop: the shops in the countries where I live can be extremely aesthetically pleasing and well furnished, they all have something special. 


Have the outlets changed over the years? And if so, how? In my countries there are few traditional home decoration outlets, mostly furniture/furniture shops or shopping malls with home accessories corners.


A tip for shops that want to continue to grow: to experiment and keep up to date with modern times in all respects and train specialised customer service personnel


Why you can’t miss the 2024 edition of MILANO HOME:

Because there will be a strong and renewed revival of the Italian lifestyle with many new companies, diverse and innovative product sectors, where new ideas can be found for 2024