Luis Filipe Santos




“MILANO HOME is a new project to relaunch

the market in an innovative way”

Name: Luis Filipe


Surname: Santos


What I do

I am an entrepreneur and have my own company operating in the household sector.  


Years of experience  

I have 42 years of experience in this field. 


Main talent  

One of my professional talents is my in-depth knowledge of the market and the fact that, over the years, I have become increasingly known by many people as the industry leaders. Outside of work my talent is being a drummer. 


Territories I represent and explore for work

I am fortunate to work in a beautiful place: Portugal. 


Kilometres travelled annually

In the past, I used to do 14,000 km per year, since the pandemic this number has been greatly reduced, around 8,000 km. 


The most beautiful thing I have seen in a shop 

The Sanimaia shop set up for Christmas and Easter. It is truly something amazing, and the attention to detail and product enhancement wow all customers who visit it every year.  


Have the outlets changed over the years? And if so, how

Some outlets have certainly changed and upgraded over time, but there’s more. In fact, we need competent and experienced people to support the development of this sector.


Advice for shops that want to continue to grow 

Personally, I think that one has to keep up with the times, upgrading without seeing change as an obstacle but rather as an opportunity. 


Why not miss the 2024 edition of MILANO HOME 

Because it is a new project that wants to relaunch the home decor market in an innovative way.