The Glass Island
Hall 2 - Elements

The Glass Island

From 01/11/24

To 01/14/24

On occasion of Milano Home, the Consorzio Promovetro di Murano (Murano Glass promotion Consortium) has the pleasure to present “Murano: the glass island”, a journey to discover the place where the most famous glass in the world is moulded: Murano glass.


The installation is intended to represent a floating island on which to display the works created by various Murano glass masters; lights, videos and projections will enhance the quality of the exhibits while creating an immersive space, able to captivate the visitor.


The works on display will be especially created for the exhibition and will represent a synthesis of the extreme variety of techniques and products that the island of Murano has to offer the consumer, an assortment of “glass” with a traditional or contemporary flair, obtained in kilns, studios and artisan workshops.


Promovetro Consortium, acts as a bridge between these diverse business activities.


Promovetro currently represents around fifty handcrafting and manufacturing companies in Murano. Founded in 1985, today the Consortium is the brand manager of Vetro Artistico® Murano in the Veneto Region, the only legal certification that guarantees the origin of the products to the final consumer. The Consortium has always been committed to enhancing the image of Murano's artistic craftsmanship worldwide, promoting and caring for the proper marketing of this important historical and cultural heritage.



The following companies are in The Glass Island area: 


Gambaro & Tagliapietra -


Artigianato Muranese -


Vetrate Artistiche -


Costantini Glass Beads -


AAV Barbini -


Yalos -


Simone Cenedese -


Gianni Seguso -




Nicola Moretti -




Zanetti -