A Green Architect as a friend
Design Talks

A Green Architect as a friend

Elements Arena | Pad. 2

01/13/24 h 16:00 - 17:00

A debate on the interior bioarchitecture


Bioarchitecture is the new frontier of interior design, and our home, if well-organized and cared for, is the best medicine for our well-being: you just need to know which small tricks to use, and any home in the world can become the perfect sanctuary for its inhabitants.


Isabella Goldmann has been practicing this discipline for decades. She will reveal some of these simple secrets, drawn from the best practices of architecture from the past, which help transform every dwelling into the best place to regenerate.


The new trend of well-being in living spaces is the focus of Isabella Goldmann's book "Un Bio Architetto per Amica", offering many insights and opportunities for reflection.



Speaker: Isabella Goldmann, bio architect