Home Staging as a Strategic Store Ally
Retail Academy

Home Staging as a Strategic Store Ally


01/13/24 h 12:00 - 13:00

When Home Staging Becomes Retail Staging: the principles of home staging applied to retail outlets and the importance of customer experience and emotional marketing to foster the buying process.


Strategies for creating a successful display and why it is so important (ideas, suggestions and practical demonstration).


Home staging as a new distribution channel: which furnishings and which types of suppliers home stagers are looking for their temporary (rental) or permanent (purchase) projects and the 2024 home staging trends.


Online and offline: how to implement an omnichannel strategy by exploiting the advantages of the physical and virtual sales outlet.


Promotion through social media: the centrality of display and photography to enhance the product, attract new customers and retain existing ones.





Gaia Monfrini, digital consultant & E-commerce specialist