New living places

New living places

14 female interior designers participate in Milano Home to interpret new lifestyles through their projects. An initiative by Plaftorm for Milano Home, which aims to give shops and designers a new vision of living spaces.





Living places are undergoing significant evolution in response to changing social, environmental and technological needs. Architects play a crucial role in shaping these spaces, and strive to create sustainable, flexible, communal and aesthetically pleasing environments, with a strong focus on artisan excellence and design research.


4 trends to watch out for


“Living places” are spaces where people live, work and interact on a daily basis. In recent decades, these places have undergone significant changes due to various factors, including urbanisation, advancing technology, and evolving social and environmental needs.


Through a careful choice of complements and objects, thanks to the collaboration with local artisans and with a preference for excellent products, sometimes even designing new products themselves, the interior designers present at Milano Home interpret contemporary and achievable interior design, applied, in other words, to living spaces that are accessible to all and also applied to small houses, that are often found in urban areas.




4 tendenze da tenere sott’occhio


Architects play a key role in the design and creation of living environments adapted to the new needs of society. Here are some of the main changes and trends in living spaces.


Do you have a shop? Why attend the talks


·To better select the items to be offered in your shop


Objects change and evolve with spaces: previewing the evolution of spaces will help you to better select the products to display in your shop.



·To get to know your customers better


Spaces change when people, needs, values, aspirations, perspectives, conditions, opportunities, stages of life all change - and for each of these conditions there are objects ready to grasp the change and narrate it. Knowing these aspects will help you understand your customers better, propose the right product and anticipate their needs.



·To improve the space and display of your shop


Your shop is also a space. Knowing how spaces change will also help you to better design your sales space and relationship with your customers, and to display items more correctly.



·To have a vision of the future


Because interior designers do not only design spaces, but also objects. They interpret change, predict innovation, offer new visions. Meeting with them will also be stimulating and constructive when it comes to imagining new perspectives and bringing new ideas into the shop.




Are you an interior designer? Why attend the talks


To learn about a new generation of interior designers who are innovatively interpreting living spaces and objects.


To exchange ideas with colleagues and bring new ideas to life.


To meet retailers and manufacturers of design objects for your projects.


To obtain training credits.





PLATFORM, an expert observatory in the world of design

“Platform Architecture and Design” is an internationally distributed peer-reviewed journal on architecture, design and interiors that deals with a critical reading of trends from the international arena, bringing together ideas and new perspectives through research-based and scholarly interpretations.




It was created as a critical and open observatory on contemporary architecture and design in a historical phase that requires new perspectives in analysing and interpreting the dynamics that are profoundly changing the global metropolitan landscape.