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Brand Power©

A dedicated area inside the Taste Hall to deepen the world of promotional.


Brand Power© is an initiative, created by Milano Home in collaboration with Promotion Magazine, which connects the suppliers of individual references and entire collections - very welcome by consumers as a reward in promotional and loyalty programs - with distribution chains and industry.


Products that represent the ideal also in the incentive schemes towards the sales force and other professional figures, as well as in corporate gifts.

The event that connects brands with the reward system of the industry and retail sectors


A dedicated area and 4 talks to delve into the world of promotion. Brand Power© is an initiative created by Milano Home in collaboration with Promotion Magazine to connect suppliers of single products and entire collections - very popular with consumers as rewards in promotional and loyalty programmes - with retail chains and industry. Products that are also ideal in incentive schemes towards the sales force and other professionals, as well as in corporate gifts. 




Why Brand Power©


It is the brand that sustains the brand in a sector that, in Italy alone, is worth 5 billion euros of which 3 billion is through the large-scale retail sector alone. The promotional and loyalty sector relies on reward systems, meaning that it generates a reward based on consumers' choices to remain loyal to a brand, a distribution sign, an on/offline retail chain.


The reward system must be consistent with the effort demanded of the consumer and must have good substance and aesthetic characteristics. This is precisely why promotional and loyalty systems use well-known and desirable brands as rewards.


Many well-known brands have already developed product lines suitable for the promotional channel, but there is still plenty of room for growth: in B2B, for example, branded products are increasingly being used in incentive plans, corporate gifts and even in public relations give-aways.



The star products of Brand Power©


Houseware, tableware


Home fabrics


Furnishing and home decor accessories


Leisure items (indoor and outdoor)


Gardening, ecology, and pet


Wearables and personal accessories


Licence owners and agencies that broker licences




Who visits


Decision-makers with roles in relationship management, loyalty, crm, internal and external communication, marketing, sales in companies producing and distributing goods and services in various sectors;


Decision-makers in HR roles who deal with incentives and motivation through reward and benefit schemes that can leverage branded products;


Manager of communication agencies;


University lecturers in the areas of marketing and communication;


Journalists, bloggers, and influencers.



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