A new project is born

MILANO HOME, the new event for the home world that looks from Italy to the international stage: the proposal is based on the values of authenticity, originality, quality and innovation. The event will represent an experiential B2B project, dedicated to traditional and new stores with the aim of increasingly enriching their assortment with refined and unique products.

Milan at the centre


The new brand expresses through MILAN the importance of Made in Italy, at the same time expressing a strong international vocation given by HOME.


MILANO HOME chooses to evoke in its name the capital of design. Milan is the city where born trends and represents a privileged marketplace for the home sector.


"Your way of living" embodies the philosophy of the project: customization now characterizes every production chain. The taste of each becomes central also in the world of living.



The Event will be the result of continuous interaction with the market, aimed at building and consolidating stable relationships with key visitors through:


Roadshows in major Italian regions and Mediterranean markets


Events dedicated to interior decorators 


A network of brand ambassadors and targeted meetings to find and identify an ad hoc visitor profile 


A special, customised incentive programme for selected buyers


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Values, exhibition offerings, and opportunities for exhibitors and visitors.