Retail Evolution Project

Retail Evolution Project

Quality makes the difference

MILANO HOME is primarily aimed at points of sale and all the main distribution channels interested in unique and original quality products, designed for customers looking for items “to be experienced”; that is, items that can interpret the multiple identities of customers, accommodate changes, and express new meanings. 





The value of companies

A new exhibition project that rewards research and product innovation, giving value to skills and stories of the exhibitors and retailers: from the smallest companies to sector leaders, sharing the values underlying our new vision: originality, authenticity, quality and innovation.


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MILANO HOME Brand Ambassador

MILANO HOME's selected network of Brand Ambassadors is in constant dialogue with points of sale in Italy and abroad to spread the news and involve the most innovative shops.


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Good stories to tell

Today's shops, in order to evolve and remain market leaders, must expand their knowledge in terms of design, materials, sales strategies and turn shopping into a memorable experience. The keywords? Storytelling, digital skills, experiential spaces, original products and ideas to attract new customers and impress the old ones. MILANO HOME tells you the most interesting stories.


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