"The relationship with points of sale and attention to detail are the basis of our success"
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"The relationship with points of sale and attention to detail are the basis of our success"

We met up with Daniele Pasqualetti, General Manager of Nuvole di Stoffa, who told us about the history of a company that for many years has been distinguishing itself thanks to a proposal of home furnishings and accessories where craftsmanship, style and exclusivity are the key words. 

With a particular focus on the shops.



The brand NUVOLE DI STOFFA was created 10 years ago as the offshoot of my parents' business who owned a hobby and DIY shop. The activity started with the creation of original fabric doorstops that were designed and created by us. It was basically a single-product business, but thanks to the great response of the market, a few years after founding the brand, the choice was to expand the production with an all-round product range for the home.





We develop and produce our own collections with the goal of providing unique and original products for home furnishing, something that has always been our mission.


A process that is also possible thanks to the creativity of our design team. We start from a moodboard on paper, basing our work on the inspirations and ideas of the moment. Then the drawings, either graphic or hand-painted in watercolour, are digitalised to create samples until we obtain the finished product. 


We are currently working with different types of materials. At first we specialised in textiles, then we added wood, glass and other materials to create collections that could match our home furnishings.  For example, we propose glasses and plates in ceramic coordinated in design and colour.  There’s a constant, almost maniacal search aimed at coordinating the same shades and graphics - even with different materials - in order to create striking and unique combinations.


It’s a long process where you need to be one step ahead, especially if you want to maintain a high standard of quality. Our payoff 'attention to detail' explicitly states that. It’s a concept that guides all our activities, including promotion: every shooting, video or catalogue is produced both in printed and digital version.  


The goal is to arouse those who read our catalogue, that’s why each page features a still-life photo of the product and another where the same product is represented in a particular setting.


The concept must be replicable both for the retailer (in a shop or showroom) and the end user (home environment). This is a common thread that also guides us in the preparation of our stand when we take part in an exhibition. A stand that has the shape of a house and reproduces its different environments in order to display the product within its context and to set up easily replicable solutions and suggestions.      


We strongly believe in the direct relationship between us and our customers and even in difficult times we never turned to online sales. Currently we have a network of agents who cover the entire Italian territory and we also invest a lot in trade exhibitions.  For us, the exhibition remains a key moment. That’s why we will be at MILANO HOME.


If in the past the focus was mainly to collect orders - something that still remains essential - today, in addition to this, we see the exhibition as the event where we get the chance to present our products, our brand and meet new and old customers.


However, as far as the foreign market is concerned, in the last couple of years we’ve been developing a sales network to be added to trade fairs that currently covers 3 countries (Portugal, France, Germany). This is a new project and like all new projects it needs time to develop. 



The new Spring 2024 and Christmas 2024 collections will be presented at MILANO HOME in January 2024.