24Bottles®: hydrating in a healthy, stylish and environmentally friendly way
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24Bottles®: hydrating in a healthy, stylish and environmentally friendly way

A unique and original collection of lightweight bottles and matching accessories. The aim is to limit the impact of single-use plastic in favour of a more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle

“Leaving a mark without leaving a footprint”. This is the iconic phrase that sums up the message of 24Bottles®, a company founded in 2013.


“We started out in a garage, eventually growing to support even multinationals all the way up to international fashion brands”, explain founders Giovanni Randazzo and Matteo Melotti.


Founded in 2013, from the very beginning the aim has been to limit the impact of single-use plastic bottles on the planet and on our lives. “In these ten years we have made it our goal to work towards leaving behind a cleaner and also a more colourful world. 24Bottles comes in all the colours of the rainbow, not because we want to follow market trends, but because we have truly grown through our all-round commitment, first and foremost as citizens, and also through the active presence and constant exchange with our community”.



What is your relationship with retailers?


“24Bottles would not be celebrating 10 years if it were not also for the strong network of dealers and distributors who immediately approached us, chose us and supported us, making us known to the public and reporting customer feedback giving us the opportunity to improve.


It is also through physical shops that the future of 24Bottles will unfold. The market offers many different bottles, but our approach to customers and continuous listening to feedback allows us to provide customised support to prolong the life of our products.


Our customers help us every day to create a quality product. We offer a service and support that is closer to consulting, with problem solving in record time, soon to be joined by repair services that we can define as customised. The online sales channel currently offers the same catalogue as our dealers. 


Among the companies that have been able to eliminate disposable bottles thanks to 24Bottles are IMA, LVMH, Luxottica, Davines, Bartolini, Illy Caffè, Kering, Deloitte and many others. We have established significant collaborations with Dior, Fendi, Vivienne Westwood, Emilio Pucci, Automobili Lamborghini, Inter, Diesel, Moncler and Stone Island, to name but a few.


Over time we have also achieved important milestones such as B Corporation certification in 2020, CarbonNeutral® in 2022 and even the Red Dot Design Award for our Lunch Box”.



How can shops and manufacturers collaborate to bring customers and even new generations of customers back into the shop and, if so, how can a new relationship between supplier and retailer be restored? 


“We are exploring new generations and, there, the iconic nature of our products is an important starting point alongside investments in quality and innovation, but above all a message for the future.


It is a thought shared with the retailer network, which in many cases has also led to interesting collaborations. We have organised collection launch parties, plastic-free cocktails and drinks, supported initiatives promoted by neighbourhood retailers, and events associated with major themes such as Earth Day or Water Day. 


We also had the opportunity to create individual products or entire capsules especially for important events that retailers wanted to take part in”.



Will you present new initiatives on the occasion of the 10th anniversary? 


“We could give many examples, but one above all encapsulates the soul of 24Bottles products, the philosophy behind them and the team that creates them.


The REactive Collection is the new project we launched on the occasion of our 10th anniversary. In fact, the REactive Collection represents the essence of 24Bottles. It is a collection with innovative, technological, but above all strongly symbolic connotations.


That is why it is closely linked to a phrase that sums up our commitment:


The impact of the mark you leave will reflect the level of innovation you bring to the world”.