Alluflon focuses on sustainability, innovation and relations with the shops
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Alluflon focuses on sustainability, innovation and relations with the shops

Thanks to its brands, Moneta and Berndes, for years the company has been one of the leading players in the world of cooking items in Italy and Europe

“We truly believe that Milano Home can be the meeting point between the great tradition of Italian homeware production and national and international specialised distribution, thus fostering mutual growth especially for innovative brands that are paying attention to sustainability, functionality and design”.


Cinzia Casagrande, Sales and Marketing Director of Alluflon, looks to the Milan event with optimism and confidence. Over the years, these values have accompanied the growth and consolidation of a company capable of meeting the demand of a market that is increasingly attentive to quality and innovation.


The Alluflon Group was founded in 1970 in the Marche region (central Italy) and operates in the sector of non-stick aluminium pans. 


“Alluflon owns the brands Moneta - an excellence of Made in Italy - which has been bringing innovation in the kitchens of Italian people since 1875, and Berndes, a historic German brand that is synonymous with high quality in the kitchen”.



What is your relationship with retailers?


We believe that specialised shops are the best place to communicate the brand as well as the features of high-end products. For this reason, we support the shops with various initiatives both at the commercial (promotional campaigns, sales, etc.) and communication level with dedicated point-of-sale materials, displays, show cooking during product launches, and support through our social accounts, with the goal of creating a continuous synergy with the shops.



Made in Italy and craftsmanship of production are two excellences characterising Alluflon's range of solutions. How do you organise the sales network?


Thanks to its brands, Moneta and Berndes, for years Alluflon has been one of the leading players in the world of cooking articles in Italy and Europe. We cover the Italian market with an extensive network of direct sales representatives and agents who maintain a constant relationship with retailers and other market players in the different geographic areas and through different channels. We consider these retailers as partners in brand development and in communicating the values and strengths of our brands to consumers.



Who is Alluflon's typical customer?


Moneta's customers have always been people who cook every day, who choose durable and safe products capable of providing consistent quality performances. Those who choose Berndes are people who love to cook, who know what they want from a pot, who like high-quality products.



Is there a product to which you are particularly attached?


About one year ago, with the brand Moneta we launched FineGres, an innovative ceramic coating developed in the company's laboratories that is totally natural and performs extremely well in the kitchen, providing long-lasting non-stick and scratch-resistant properties. It is free of PFAS, PTFE, PFOA, Nickel or Bisphenol and also guarantees energy savings when cooking and during the production process. As a matter of fact, FineGres heats up through thermal radiation in a short time and in a completely uniform manner on the surfaces in contact with food, thus ensuring fast and perfect cooking.


Food safety and reduced environmental impact are concepts that are firmly rooted in the business process. The entire range of kitchen tools and utensils is made of alloys that are perfect to be in contact with food.



Innovation, tradition, sustainability: how do these concepts translate into your production process?


In addition to FineGres, we are pursuing the project Impronta Moneta in order to design increasingly sustainable products from a shorter supply chain, using recycled aluminium from cans, avoiding the use of plastic in our packaging, and applying technical solutions such as the double screw on the handle that ensures greater product durability.