Biancoperla. Fifty years of Made in Tuscany

Biancoperla. Fifty years of Made in Tuscany

Biancoperla represents a history of excellence where style, elegance, skilful tailoring and the pursuit of perfection give life to refined sheets, soft sponges, elegant table furnishings and refined accessories for the living room, characterised by high quality and rigorous hand-made finishes. 

A family business in its third generation, where the whole production is not just Made in Italy, but Made in Tuscany. Each product is the expression of the strong link with territory, history, passion and craftsmanship, as well as of the continuous search for style and attention to detail.



We interviewed Simone Sali, CEO and Sole Director of Biancoperla



What is the idea behind Biancoperla and how does it differ from other textile companies?


Our story began in the late 1950s when we started selling linen in the beaches of Savona and Alassio, in Liguria. These places were the holiday destination of wealthy families from northern Italy. During the winter, we moved our sales to the homes of these families who appreciated the quality and luxury of our products.


In the late 1970s, this constant work and dedication to the profession led the Sali family to open its first two household linen shops in Alassio.


In the 1980s, the two sons, Simone and Andrea, the current owners of Biancoperla, founded Simand in Tuscany, the first production company. A few years later, Donatella, Simone's wife, joined the company and is now one of Biancoperla's professionals who take care of the tailor-made service. The household linen business is focused on the private label: a high-quality, tailor-made linen production service for major brands. It was during these years that the company laid the foundations for its great work of fabric selection and for the creation of collections with a classic design, but always oriented towards modernity. Such collections would become the hallmarks of Biancoperla as we know it today. A production that transforms each article from simple linen to a true furnishing accessory.


The brand Biancoperla was created in 2012 and it gradually consolidated as an autonomous brand, representing a reality that is synonymous with quality and elegance, Made in Italy and Made in Tuscany.


Biancoperla has different souls: its romantic country-chic side, characterised by delicate colours and classic finishes on soft satins and cotton gingham, is joined by a contemporary vocation thanks to the use of modern techniques. Washed linen and garment-dying allow to create a textured effect, while the bed, bath, table and furniture collection is completed by precious jacquards. 


The tailor-made service remains one of the most popular and sought-after: 'La Sartoria' is a line of bed, bath and table items by Biancoperla in which products are tailor-made according to the requirements of each individual customer. The great versatility of the company is undoubtedly the strength that sets us apart and allowed us to acquire an increasingly loyal and diverse clientele over the years.



In addition to bed and table linen, do you also have collections dedicated to the world of navigation and hôtellerie?


Exactly. The tailor-made service 'La Sartoria' is also dedicated to the navigation and hotel industry. We work closely with owners and architects to design bed, bath and table linen collections for boats, yachts and hotels, fields in which the customisation of sizes and finishes is a key requirement.



Are your collections sustainable and entirely Made in Italy? 


Absolutely. We carefully select the best fabrics of natural origin, including cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool and cashmere. In particular, we have a selection of bed and bath linen made with organic fabric and produced without the use of chemical dyes, which is also available in our online shop



What are the main foreign countries where you export your products and which collections in particular?


We are constantly present in international trade fairs, therefore we managed create a good network of customers in Europe, especially in France, Germany, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands, also thanks to online sales campaigns on European marketplaces where the Biancoperla line is very popular.


For the past three years or so, we have intensified our investments to expand our presence in the US market: in addition to a network of customers between Los Angeles and Miami, we have a showroom in New York where we receive mostly interior designers and architects with whom we collaborate to develop residential and hotel projects thanks to our tailor-made service 'La Sartoria'.


Finally, we also develop customised projects in the middle-east, where Italian craftsmanship is always highly sought-after and appreciated.



What new products will you present at Milano Home?


We will present the new Spring/Summer 2024 collection, which will be enriched by new nuances dedicated to the collection of stone-washed linen that has become one of our hallmarks.


The collection is complemented by a new range of printed products for the bed, bath and table in pastel colours and with floral patterns dedicated to the summer.


The offer will be completed by a brand new line of bathroom articles made of bamboo fibre and by plaids made with extra-fine merino wool. All of it exclusively Made in Italy.