Crystal. The Iconic Objects by Arnolfo di Cambio

Crystal. The Iconic Objects by Arnolfo di Cambio

Innovative objects with unique design that have been sold all over the world for sixty years. The result of continuous research into new technologies combined with the important heritage of traditional glassmakers and the collaboration with famous designers, who have contributed to define the company's unique style and create iconic collections.

Arnolfo di Cambio is one of the leading crystal manufacturers, a Tuscan company, now in its third generation, founded in 1963 in Colle Val d'Elsa, internationally renowned for excellence, high craftsmanship, and the design of numerous objects with precious soul, made of pure crystal, and strictly Made in Italy.



Our interview with Gabriele Bagnasacco, CEO of Arnolfo di Cambio



What is the idea behind Arnolfo di Cambio and which generation is currently leading the company?


The company, founded in Colle di Val d'Elsa (in the province of Siena), has celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2023. Its success is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by the partners who, for three consecutive generations, have been able to combine the tradition of master glassmakers with technological innovation. Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo is the licensee of Arnolfo di Cambio, while the ownership of the brand, after the death of the co-founder Gilberto in 2019, still belongs for the most part to the Bagnasacco family: the brand is characterised by its production of tableware and crystal objects.



You always choose famous designers to design your products, are you thinking of any special projects and new collaborations? 


Arnolfo di Cambio has always collaborated with legendary designers such as Joe Colombo, Cini Boeri, Michele De Lucchi, Enzo Mari and many others. During the last edition of the Salone del Mobile, we presented the Contest 'The Glass of the Future', aimed at designing and producing the glass that best represented the brand's vision of tomorrow. The competition was a success beyond expectations, with more than 120 participants who presented their projects. The three finalists, Francisca Soto from Chile, Sofia Monchieri and Danielle Nakash from Italy and Israel respectively, and Anna Gwiazda from Poland, had the opportunity to see their projects realised in 3D as part of the retrospective exhibition '60 Years of Design in Crystal'. The winning project was 'Conico’ by Francisca Soto. Arnolfo di Cambio is planning to raise funds and orders through a crowdfunding platform to produce the glasses designed by the 3 finalists.



What are your most successful products and which ones represent you the most?


Our most famous products are Joe Colombo's 'Smoke', a mouth-blown glass with a unique stem that harmonises perfectly with the base, Cini Boeri's 'CIBI', which is also famous for appearing in the 1981 film 'Blade Runner', and Ettore Sottsass's 'Orfeo', a line featuring particular stem glasses with a pedestal-like base that enhances the lightness of crystal with an elegant shape.



How do craftsmanship and luxury come together in the manufacture and production of your products? 


Arnolfo di Cambio stands for excellence in the production process. Each item is made with the use of traditional methods, such as mouth-blowing and handmade processing, thus emphasising the craftsmanship passed down through generations. The choice of high-quality materials, such as crystal, contributes to a touch of luxury and exclusivity. This combination of refined craftsmanship and fine materials defines Arnolfo di Cambio's commitment to offer products characterised by high quality and luxurious aesthetics.



What new products will you be presenting at Milano Home? 


Arnolfo di Cambio has recently decided to revamp its brand image through videos, social media and a new catalogue. We will take part in the next edition of Milano Home to present the new identity of the brand, with the idea of creating a bridge with the Salone del Mobile, where all the new products will be unveiled, including re-editions of successful products from the past, also with the promise to present a wide range of innovations and refined designs for the public.