Emotions that endure
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Emotions that endure

Italian excellence, innovation, creativity and quality. Blueside tells MILANO HOME the secrets of the world's purest and sturdiest glass. Hand-crafted by the expert hands of glassblowers; constantly striving for an essential style and design that charms

Blueside Emotional Design was born in 2009 in Umbria from the resourcefulness and passion of Roberto Falocci, President and Managing Director of Steroglass, a leading company for over 50 years in the world of blown glass production for scientific applications and chemical laboratory instrumentation.

Thanks to Steroglass' experience in working with borosilicate glass for high-tech scientific instrumentation, Blueside creates a unique line of products by exploring a hitherto unknown sector: that of design and furniture.


The result is an ambitious and innovative project, where the products are more durable than traditional glass products.

Without a doubt, Blueside glass is sturdy, because it is unaffected by thermal shock, free of contaminants and with excellent transparency characteristics, a primary element in the production of all the company's products.

The borosilicate glass with which they make a wide range of products is the purest and strongest in the world. It is handcrafted by the expert hands of glassblowers, a symbol of Italian excellence.

Objects of the highest quality, where the shape and function are both visible, are designed for different environments and situations, both for dining and living.

Thanks to well-established collaborations with various designers and architects, each piece is a perfect mix of creativity, sensitivity, and durability.



Of the 4 values of Milano Home (authenticity, quality, innovation, and originality), which is the one you most identify with?


Roberto Falocci replies: “Blueside is all about the quality of borosilicate glass which is unalterable to thermal shock, free of contaminants and with excellent transparency characteristics.

Its workmanship for the creation of signature items has enabled a totally innovative made-in-Italy production . Borosilicate glass is introduced into the world of emotional dining and thus into tableware and furniture design.

The art of shaping this glass is a thousand-year-old tradition, but it is becoming increasingly rare. The techniques used to blow this precious material are known only to few and it is Blueside's goal to preserve this Italian excellence.

The products are elegant, refined and transparent. They express uniqueness and creativity through an essential style, resulting in a strong charm.

It is precisely the composition of the glass that allows these objects to be very light to the eye, almost impalpable.”



Falocci continues, “Today, we have full oversight of our main distribution channels. In addition to e-commerce, we have five showrooms located in Perugia, Milan, Pisa, Forte dei Marmi and Trento.

The Blueside Cult Store in the heart of Perugia is the main showroom where you can admire all the brand's products in their fullest expression and purchase them. What makes it a cult store is the stimulation of multi-sensoriality. Whoever enters is charmed. It is not just a shop but also an aggregator of different cultures and styles.”