Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561: a journey into beauty
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Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561: a journey into beauty

From an apothecary to a cosmetics and perfumery brand where tradition, innovation, history and territory are skilfully combined to create products made from raw materials of excellence with refined and selected fragrances 

Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561 has an important history. The historic Florentine brand produces and sells cosmetics and perfumes with the line Farmacia Parfum, which consists of multiple fragrances, including one that commemorates the 460th anniversary of the foundation of the Pharmacy, as well as home fragrances, all of which are highly appreciated abroad.



Our interview with Elena Azzerlini, owner of Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561



How do the fragrances and cosmetic products of your brand come into being and what connection do they have with the history of Tuscany and its territory? 


Especially when it comes to fragrances and diffusers, we choose historic names to create lines that are related to our city. This is the case of the Home Fragrances line, which was inspired by the Arti Maggiori for the first 7 names and then by the Arti Minori for the next 6 (chosen among the 14 Medieval Arts). Even bottles have their own history: the perfume bottle was inspired by the shape of the old pharmacy bottle, and it appears to be excavated on both sides, thus recalling how our company has been excavated in time, in more than 460 years of history. The diffuser bottle is called 'antica farmacia quadra' (ancient square pharmacy) and the antique metal label recalls the old armours... Every detail must have a reason to exist. Also for the cosmetics line, the logo and other details of the cases are 'excavated' into the paper, precisely because they have been sculpted, with a view to recalling times when beauty was expressed also in the art of sculpture. 



How important is sustainability for your company?


We try to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market, both with the most modern and 'healthiest' raw materials and with packaging. Where possible, we try to eliminate plastic, as we did with cream jars, which are now made of glass, or with the cellophane used to protect the product, which was also eliminated. In addition, we are no longer producing outside Italy. Even though the costs for the moulds are very high, the quality is just as high. In this way we ensure a complete Made in Italy.



How do you combine tradition and innovation in your products?


Our style remains traditional, essential, simple and direct. Our products, on the other hand, are created through innovative and up-to-date rules and ingredients, which are replaced from time to time after our tests. Our payoff could be summarised as this: A JOURNEY INTO BEAUTY. This phrase stands for the beauty that was fundamental 500 years ago (see the arts in general such as painting, sculpture, and the buildings that still today can be admired in our city....), a beauty that can also be found when thinking of the city of Florence, as well as when entering our historical headquarters. Besides the fact that we create beauty products (we were actually 'born' with cosmetics).



4What are your most successful products both in Italy and abroad?  


Much depends on the target markets. The Eastern world is more attracted by cosmetics, although it is moving towards perfumes and is showing greater appreciation for the diffuser, which is also considered as a product for home décor. Europe and Italy are more oriented towards personal fragrances. But our strength is to propose 3 different lines to satisfy any customer and market: Cosmetics Line, Home Fragrances and Perfumes.

What new products will you be presenting at Milano Home 2024?


We will present the 6 Arti Minori also in the versions of bath salts and pot pourri, as well as the latest fragrance Royal Anbar, even though these products have only been on the market for a couple of months. We will have a new fragrance but we are not planning to introduce it yet....