Bredemeijer Group - it's always tea time
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Bredemeijer Group - it's always tea time

Contemporary and functional design, combined with technology and expertise, are the hallmarks of the Bredemeijer Group, which comprises three brands: Bredemeijer®, Zilverstad and Leopold Vienna.  The first one is dedicated to tea-making with teapots and accessories, the second produces collections of gifts, picture frames and children's items, while the third focuses on bar accessories.

Our interview with Barbara Holsink, CEO of the Bredemeijer Group



The art and ritual of tea is increasingly widespread, how does one of your products originate and how is it designed?


During the1950s we discovered double walled teapot Duet®, a product that many people still enjoy every day. Making a double walled teapot is manual work and therefore also human work. It takes more than 100 steps. Our double walled teapots are made of durable stainless steel. The range of double walled teapots has grown significantly and we are the world’s largest producer in this field.



Are your collections united by a common thread?


At Bredemeijer Group, we are committed to making everyday moments even more special and enjoyable. Big and small, alone or together. We do this by creating innovative products and contemporary designs for every day. We have been making our products with great pleasure and dedication for over a 100 years, for you and for the world.

Our products are made with great care and consideration to ensure they will last a long time. You can use them for years and even pass them on to the next generation. We believe it’s important to do our part to create a sustainable future and contribute to improvements where we can.



What are your most successful products?

We see increasing sales numbers each year, since our new partnership with VIPHome Group. Our most successful products are our double walled teapots in various styles. They are beloved because of the functionality in combination with the excellent quality. Thanks to the unique design, in a double walled teapot your tea stays hot and full of flavour for up to an hour. On top of that the ergonomic handle and specially designed spout provide optimal convenience each time the tea is poured. The insulating material used for the handle and the grip on the lid see to it that those parts never get more than lukewarm.

Another popular product under Bredemeijer® is our bamboo tea box for loose tea, showing an increasing trend for good quality tea in Italy, still the home country of espresso and cappuccino. By the way, in the coffee segment, our other brand Leopold Vienna offers a wide range of coffeemakers and accessories.



What relationship do you see between your products and various living styles?

Our products are developed following the latest trends. In colours as well in materials. With a selection of our cast iron teapots we respond to the Japandi trend, a harmonious blend of smooth modern lines of Scandinavion design and sleek, functional elegance of the Japanese aesthetic.

Our Duet® Bella Ronde series correspond with the new colours in interior design. For 2024 we introduce the colours Blush Pink and Thyme Green.

For our new collections, we listen to wishes and needs of our retailers and end consumers.



What new features will you present at Milano Home?

This fair Bredemeijer Group will present many novelties. Within the range of double walled Bredemeijer® teapots one of the newcomers is the Duet® Design Boston in Sand colour. Leopold Vienna presents new cocktail sets in black and Zilverstad will launch, amongst other things, a Miffy dinner set consisting of a bamboo plate and stainless steel cutlery.