The new life of marble
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The new life of marble

Over a hundred years of love for working with marble and natural stone. A love made up of passion, research, great craftsmanship, sustainability, and a family history that is now in its fourth generation

Marmolove, a young company based in Finale Ligure, creates furniture and furnishing accessories, as well as accessories and objects for everyday use such as pocket emptiers, chopping boards, trays, and bathroom accessories made of white marble from Carrara, Botticino, slate from Lavagna and other natural materials. They produce design objects, thanks to the veining, the cutting, and the unique and unrepeatable colours, but also to the workmanship of expert craftsmen and meticulously studied details.


Each material is completely recovered from the residues of previous works, and before being processed, it is personally selected by Valentina and Alessandro Mavela, the siblings who own the company. They also carefully follow each stage of the production process in order to ensure the creation of exclusive products, which are designed for various living environments and capable of conveying passion for craftsmanship and love for materials that recall ancient and precious emotions.


Marmolove is a reality where ecology and sustainability give a second life to 'waste' materials due to the great commitment to limit production residues by transforming them into unique objects.


 Our interview with Valentina Mavela, CEO and owner of Marmolove



Where does the love for marble and its processing come from?


The love for marble was born with us, in the sense that since we were young both my brother and I grew up listening to our grandfather's and father's stories about marble. 


Loving it was easy, as marble was told and then shown to us through the eyes of a person who had been a stonemason his entire life. Its workmanship fascinates us every day, and the most beautiful thing is to work such a noble material into a piece of furniture through our craftsmanship. Each piece is never the same.


Is Marmolove a company that chose the circular economy?


Absolutely yes, by making our Marmolove products we try to give new life to every piece of marble we have in our workshop. We manage to recover the smallest pieces that are left from larger works (kitchen tops, bathroom tops, tables, etc.) and we also have a water recirculation system that allows us to work without generating waste, together with a drop-down suction system.


How important are sustainability and design to you?


 Very much, I think the two can co-exist beautifully.


Do you use marble coming from particular quarries and from which part of the world?


 We use marble from all over the world, each type has different features. From colour, to conformation, to veining. Let's say that we never get bored.



Which new products will you bring to Milano Home in January 2024?


We will bring some models from our Marmolini series of hand basins for the bathroom made from a block of marble. We are also working on some new products that will be presented at the exhibition.