Origamo: a Pop Up greeting card that makes you dream and takes you around the world
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Origamo: a Pop Up greeting card that makes you dream and takes you around the world

Greeting cards for all occasions, not only special ones, in a thousand colours and sizes but totally handmade by Vietnamese artisans on Italian paper.

A beautiful project developed by Origamo, a company from Piedmont that produces and markets original and unique paper greeting cards, made using different techniques, all handmade and solidarity-based. For years, the company has been supporting the Christina Noble Children's Foundation, in particular the Care Homes for children and troubled families in Saigon, Vietnam.


Our interview with Furio Ceciliato, founder of Origamo



How did you come up with the project Origamo and how do you create your products? 


The Origamo brand was born on the one hand from my love for kirigami popup cards (typical of Vietnamese handicrafts) and on the other from my studies of direct marketing: in just a few years, they have become the best-selling premium greeting cards in Italy.


How important are craftsmanship and sustainability for your products? 


Origamos are 'the most handmade greeting cards in the world'. They are unique little gems because each individual piece is made entirely by hand and requires more than an hour of work by skilled Vietnamese artisans. For what concerns sustainability and ecology, we use FSC-certified Made in Italy Paper (recycled or from regenerated forests) and in 2023 we introduced the new patented 'plastic free' packaging.



What is the connection between Origamo and art? 


Origamo's love for Art is deep and was further manifested this year with the collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. We created the first Origamo Van Gogh Collection for the museum by reproducing in 3D for the first time the famous painting 'Sunflowers' and becoming their official supplier. Origamo also owns exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the Van Gogh Collection.



What international awards did you receive and which certifications did you obtain?


Origamo was named finalist at the International Gift of the Year Award in 2019 and 2022, and this year has a final nomination for the 'Henries Awards', the 'Oscar of the Greeting Card'.


The award ceremony will be held in London on 5 October. Origamo® workshops have received the Fair Trade International Certification (FAIR TRADE), which guarantees excellent working conditions and full respect for Human Beings and Nature. 


Which new products will you present at the next edition of Milano Home?


During the next edition of Milano Home we will have the world premiere of a new collection dedicated to a great international artist.


The name will be announced in November in collaboration with the Institute that is bringing forward this artistic legacy. Also in this case, it will be an Official Collection with exclusive worldwide distribution.