All the colours of ceramics
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All the colours of ceramics

For four generations, Ceramiche Modigliani has been handing down

Italian excellence to the world

In the past, the world stepped into the shop: an emporium in the heart of Rome that welcomed travellers and local customers in the late 19th century. The third generation, which bears the name of Stefano Nacamulli, went out to get the world.


Today, Ceramiche Modigliani distributes its products across exclusive outlets in Europe, the United States, South America, the Middle East, and South Korea.


"Each generation brought new value to the company. My parents,” says Nacamulli, “started their collaboration with ceramic factories in the 1950s and 1960s, offering their own line of designs and shapes. To this day, we still design our own lines and work directly with artisans that we select personally.”



Ceramiche Modigliani in three words


Originality "This term definitely represents our commitment to creating new and unique products. We are constantly drawing lines and designing shapes and patterns, always looking for a innovative aesthetics that reinterpret an ancient material in the light of the latest trends. For example, with the Chalk Line, we had fun imagining and replication chalk marks on the blackboard on ceramics. With the Tuscan Dream Line, we have also replicated the Tuscan hilly landscape in the shape of the objects.


Authenticity  “Our philosophy is to remain strongly rooted in creativity and excellence and our mission is to represent the beauty of Italy in the world.  We can define ourselves as a diffuse company, because we produce across the main ceramic districts; each work embodies the characteristics of a local area and, to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the products, we select and work exclusively with local artisans.  Only those who work in the area have a deep knowledge of the material and processing techniques typical of their area.”


Innovation "While remaining rooted in traditional values, we continue to innovate products, processes and materials. Extensive technological research into enamels allowed us to reach our own exclusive enamels that have a unique, identifiable feature for us: the ability to bring out the colours to the fullest and give movement to the art. Just think of the yellows and blues of the Amalfi line. The blue was chosen to recall the colour of old zinc basins and our enamels allowed us to make the most of every shade. Colour is fundamental for us. Its brilliance is the hallmark of our style.”



Encounters that make the difference


Each generation has contributed to the growth of Ceramiche Modigliani, but there are those who, in particular, have made the difference between before and after.  "One of these individuals,” says Stefano Nacatulli, “was Ferrero Mercatelli, a Tuscan ceramist with whom we worked for many years and who is now, unfortunately, passed away. With him, not only we produced wonderful ceramics, but it was thanks to him, to the conversations exchanged, the long chats, that we realised, between the 1990s and 2000, that there was room to tell the story of traditional ceramics in a new way. He stimulated us to search for a new ceramic language and helped us find a new vision.”


There are people who change our lives. In this case, the life of a company. "Mercatelli was one of them,” Nacamulli concludes.


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