Cashmere is forever
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Cashmere is forever

For the first time in Italy, at MILANO HOME, coming from Mongolia, the land of eternal blue skies, where life flows in harmony with the surrounding world, we present Munkh cashmere, a Mongolian word that means eternity. A brand that represents a virtuous example of Corporate Social Responsibility

MILANO HOME is an experiential B2B event dedicated to businesses - Interior Decorators, Designers, Architects - that are willing to enrich their assortment with sophisticated and unique products. 


And it’s precisely uniqueness the distinctive trait of the brand Munkh, a manufacturer of sustainable, ecological and high value-added products, which sources its raw materials from local farmers to obtain cashmere and other ecological and biodegradable natural fibres. 




Brand sustainability


The respect for people and nature is an integral part of Mongolian culture. A philosophy that facilitates the achievement of full sustainability for the local industry of cashmere, a renewable material that is harvested every year in spring. Goats produce this incredibly fine fibre to protect themselves from the extreme cold: the colder the climate, the finer, thinner and longer the fibre. 


“We believe that cashmere goat – they say at Munkh – is the only animal from which you can take something without harming it. The traditional, humane and ethical method of combing cashmere is still practised today. In these times of social and environmental impact generated by the modern cashmere industry, achieving full sustainability is anything but easy.


However, we firmly believe that it is our duty to give our contribution to solving this problem by exercising the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility”.




What do you mean by 'responsible design'?


"We are not a fast fashion company. All our products are designed in Mongolia with the aim of raising the awareness of both the people who use our fabrics and those who produce them. We focus on a timeless design, made from good quality materials, in order to create a product that can be beautiful and functional at the same time”.




And by Green Company?  


"We do not use toxic chemicals in our production process. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint in every phase of production. Our production process is aimed at producing 0% waste by recycling every piece of yarn. Even if we produce waste, the material itself is biodegradable. Choosing sustainable materials means examining the fabrics at the level of fibres. We strive to use ethically sourced natural materials”.  




Who makes your fabrics?


"We are a family business based in Mongolia. We have our own factory in Mongolia.

It’s a woman-led company that chose to give priority to the recruitment of female householders and single mothers. Their employment is maintained over the long period, as only 10% of our actual workers are new hires. There is no child labour and workers are in a safe working environment, they receive a fair wage, employee benefits and are always treated with respect. In Mongolia human rights and fair wages are guaranteed by law”.