Vesta: creativity is the beating heart of production
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Vesta: creativity is the beating heart of production

Handmade with love. Caterina Migliorini, art director and soul of Vesta, enthusiastically tells us about how they create objects in the headquarters of the company from Marche.

A place that expresses passion. A dynamic environment, where design and innovative technologies are combined with craftsmanship and manual skills, and where the planning ability is conceived with a view to enriching the range of solutions for the most demanding customers.

“True made in Italy, handcrafted, made with love”, explained Caterina Migliorini, art director and soul of Vesta. With renewed enthusiasm and just as much passion, she left the field of traditional fashion a decade ago to combine it with home design, throwing herself headlong into her new role of relaunching the brand.


Fashion is moving more and more towards the house. Fashion experience and Italian spirit are the perfect combination, I believe in this vision and pursue this new path with conviction, creating a brand that represents a new lifestyle and emotions for everyone”.


What is your relationship with retailers?

“We strive to nurture the business of retailers, as they are our privileged interlocutors. We invest a lot because we believe that the point of sale represents an ideal bridge between those who create and those who have the task of conveying the image and quality of the product. We provide retailers with customised displays to present our collections and corner furniture to express our brand identity.
The shop is the place that allows the potential buyer to take a closer look at the product, to touch it, to perceive the emotion it conveys also thanks to an emotional packaging. We pay attention to every detail, leaving nothing to chance, so as to ensure that the product observed by the customers is an object made by Italian craftsmen. The guarantee that the entire production cycle is carried out in Italy gives an added value that is appreciated by customers and makes them evaluate the purchase”.
In this regard, Migliorini argued that “being active in traditional retail outlets is crucial, and in order to do this it is necessary to accompany and support the shop in its fundamental task of ferryman towards the choice of the product. We have become the guarantor of a cooperative relationship, our objects have so much to tell and who can fulfil this task better than the retailer?” 


Her presence brought a breath of fresh air and a different vision of the product to the company. Since her arrival, Migliorini has developed a coordinated idea by mixing plexiglass with other materials, thus creating a coordinated brand for the various merchandise categories, achieving a sort of common thread that touches all the rooms of the house.
Creativity is the beating heart of the company, the leitmotif through which the dreamy idea is transformed into a project until the finished product is created”.


An authentic home brand revolving around plexiglass


Vesta is based in Castelfidardo, in the Marche region, and was founded by Gabriele Sabbatini in 2000, taking inspiration from the name of the goddess of home and hearth. Migliorini created the style department that regularly interfaces with the technical and production departments, constantly experiencing the actual conception of the projects.
 “Vesta is an authentic brand for the house. From furnishing accessories, to decorative lighting and tableware, we guarantee an assortment in the name of originality thanks to high-level technology and workmanship”.

In its industrial sector, Vesta produces for Dolce and Gabbana Casa, Gucci casa, Louis Vuitton and several prestigious luxury brands. Everything originates from plexiglass, a plastic material found in various manufactured products that sometimes is combined with recycled materials. The company is equipped with multiple technologies such as machinery for milling, laser cutting and laser marking machines, digital and screen printing, as well as manual processes such as thermoforming and folding, varnishing, polishing and final assembly.



Industrial dpt: A complete, tailor-made service for all customers


“We develop the concept from the idea by constantly interfacing with the customer. In this way we create a rendering - a graphic image that provides a realistic representation of the plan starting from a 3D model”.
Each design is hand-drawn, with Italian wit, imagination and professionalism being the most faithful witnesses of a high-quality product with refined aesthetics.
“Through the brand, we want to convey an emotion by contaminating every person and every need – concluded Migliorini – without neglecting quality and attention to detail for those who look for innovation but at the same time want to be sure of taking home a certified Italian product.


The history and tradition of Made in Italy are unparalleled values, Vesta works to transmit to young people the beauty and importance of the values of craftsmanship and team spirit. A mission that we all hold dear and that we surely will accomplish”.