Faber-Castell: timeless quality and elegance for exclusive gifts

Faber-Castell: timeless quality and elegance for exclusive gifts

The company based in Stein offers a wide range of high-quality writing and drawing instruments for every occasion, as well as valuable corporate gifts. 

From coloured to graphite pencils, from ballpoint to fountain pens, up to compasses, crayons and fineliners. A universe of chromatic elements characterises the products by Faber-Castell, “a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality articles dedicated to writing, painting and creative drawing”, explained Mariolina Brovelli, the marketing director.


Founded in 1761 in Stein, a town near Nuremberg, the company is one of the oldest industrial groups in the world, which has been owned by the Faber-Castell family for nine generations.


“Today, the group's business is characterised by high production capacity and multinational presence. Faber-Castell's plants in 9 countries produce more than two billion wooden pencils each year, which are distributed worldwide via 23 sales subsidiaries”.


Respect for the environment is considered a priority. The company covers 85% of the global energy demand with renewable sources, a concrete measure to reduce polluting emissions through sustainable business models.


A constant work of research and analysis is at the basis of every product created by the German group.


“Faber-Castell products are born from a centuries-old tradition – continued Brovelli – combined with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and continuous research and innovation. Experience and expertise guarantee the development of a company that is always at the forefront in offering the highest quality standards, which translates into a range of writing instruments for every occasion”.



What is the target of Faber-Castell?


“We offer a wide range of products that can be customised or offered as standard versions to meet the needs of different target groups (products for children, teens, budding artists and writing enthusiasts) with different price ranges.


We are also the best choice for those who are looking for promotional items and valuable corporate gifts”.



How much does the promotional channel affect your turnover?


“Our B2B business includes sales of corporate gift products and promotional sales from loyalty catalogues. Today it accounts for 5% of our turnover but we believe it has a lot of potential. The goal for next year is to achieve double digits also thanks to our participation in Brand Power and other industry events”. 



What is your strategy to approach the market? Do you have a dedicated office to manage the promotional channel?


“We do not have a dedicated internal division. So far our approach has been reactive, aimed at satisfying the requests of companies through our sales department or with the collaboration of B2B promotional agencies”.