Guardini: Experiencing the culinary world with simplicity and ease

Guardini: Experiencing the culinary world with simplicity and ease

That's what defines Guardini's approach to cooking. The company from Volpiano (Turin) merges tradition and innovation to craft a customised world aligned with the demands of consumers.

From a craft workshop to a leading manufacturer in Europe for baking moulds, Guardini, a company specialising in household items, embarked on its journey in Volpiano, located in the province of Turin, more than 75 years ago and has evolved significantly.


Currently, Guardini S.p.A. stands as a global market leader, exporting Italian excellence worldwide. Rooted in experience and tradition, the company's growth thrives on modern and innovative products crafted to meet the demands of increasingly demanding customers who are attentive to the dynamics of an ever-changing and evolving market.


Guardini has earned the trust of numerous national and international retail giants for their private labels. The baking moulds manufactured in Volpiano are distributed to over 50 countries globally, contributing to over 60% of their total revenue.



How does your market strategy function? Are there specific product lines, partnerships with agencies/promoters, or a specialised department overseeing promotional channels?


“The promotional channel is managed in-house with a dedicated office, headed by our Loyalty Manager, Alfonso Negri. External relations are mostly established through specialised agencies operating in the promotional channel and, more rarely, directly with the end customer (large-scale retail/large specialised retailers or industrial brands).


We typically don't operate with specific lines for this channel. However, we're highly adaptable, providing both Guardini and other brands. This approach allows us to showcase ourselves not just as a brand but also as a manufacturer, leveraging our core strength in in-house production.



How much does the promotional channel affect your turnover?


“At present, the promotional channel represents roughly 10% of our revenue, yet there's potential for significant growth given our production capabilities”.

Imagination, skill, and sensitivity are the pillars guiding Guardini's forward-looking approach. Skilfully interpreting the desires and needs of cooking enthusiasts while providing effective commercial solutions to distributors, makes Guardini an invaluable partner for those seeking to explore the world of cooking with joy and creativity.



What products are you focusing on for 2024?


“In 2024, our focus lies on products with sustainability features, emphasising reduced carbon footprint and PFAS-free coatings. The loyalty channel offers an opportunity to build a narrative around the product, showcasing its sustainability value through marketing campaigns accompanying promotional activities. This storytelling highlights the product's sustainability.

In the upcoming trade shows, we're unveiling a new collection with more professional features, aimed at captivating the loyalty channel. This addition brings novelty and added value compared to our more conventional products”.


Consistent investments in research and technology have refined our product range, emphasising the pursuit of top-tier materials that ensure exceptional performance. These materials offer ease in cooking and cleaning, durability against wear and tear, and impeccable adaptability. A comprehensive assortment that capitalises on UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification, reflecting a dedication to continually improving company performance across product quality, production processes, and overall organisational efficiency. Additionally, it adheres to SA 8000:2014 Ethics, embodying Corporate Social Responsibility, ensuring a business approach that values both individuals and the environment.


The ongoing dedication to ecological concerns—lowering emissions and resource consumption—has manifested in tangible outcomes, notably the release of the inaugural Sustainability Report. This comprehensive document highlights the company's various projects and endeavours focused on corporate responsibility, as well as environmental and social sustainability.