ALEO HOME: “We need regulation for e-commerce”
Retail evolution

ALEO HOME: “We need regulation for e-commerce”

Aleo is a Sicilian shop for furniture, wedding lists and gift items. We had an interesting chat with the owner, Loredana Termine, and when asked how she thinks the retail world will change in the coming years, she replied as follows: 


“The situation is certainly not easy, also because many consumers decide to buy online for convenience and comfort reasons. This inevitably has an impact on our activities, which have to deal with high running costs. In any case, we are aware of the evolution of the market, and we also engage with our customers on our main communication channels and promote online sales through social media.


However, there should be regulations or at least particular attention on the sales network of many large companies that should differentiate prices according to distribution channels. A pact between producers and shops. We should also invest in advertising to make people understand the value of our customers and bring them back.”



What is the main focus of your shop?


Excellence and quality.



What is your strength?


In addition to the values I mentioned earlier, there is a very strong focus on the selection of design objects.



How do you choose the items for your shop?


We always like to offer something new. We do our scouting for new objects by participating in trade fairs.