Casa Arredo di Fassina
Retail evolution

Casa Arredo di Fassina

Silvano Fassina's lifelong interest in household textiles prompted him to open his business in 1991 with a 100 square metre shop, in an area outside the town centre. After fifteen years or so, Silvano Fassina's enthusiasm and professionalism made it possible for him to fulfil his dream of expanding his showroom by purchasing a 350 square meter building in the town centre in 2013.


As he himself says: “All this was possible, thanks to the cooperation and professionalism of my wife, my son and Emanuela, a valuable collaborator for more than 30 years”.



What values does the store focus on?


Trust is one of the aspects I have always strived for. Meeting the needs of my customers has allowed us to create a relationship of great trust over the years, which is a source of pride for me.



How is your shop different from others?


The distinguishing feature of my shop, besides the assortment of products, my continuous search for new products by visiting trade fairs and browsing through trade magazines, and my great professionalism, is definitely the made-to-measure service. It is unquestionably an added value that ensures that I meet my customers' needs in full. This is what makes my shop different from those of my colleagues/ competitors.



How do you expect the retail world to change in the coming years?


I believe that online sales have changed and will continue to change the retail world in the coming years. That is precisely why, with the knowledge that I am the biggest competitor, I am increasingly specialising in this service to stay ahead of the times and satisfy my customers.



Would you advise a young person to open a shop?


Absolutely yes, but only if driven by great passion and desire



If you could describe your shop in one sentence, what would it be?


Silvano replies with a twinkle in his eye, “it's my life”