Focus on Portugal. At Milano Home looking for Made in Italy Lusitanian buyers are getting ready for the January event
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Focus on Portugal. At Milano Home looking for Made in Italy Lusitanian buyers are getting ready for the January event

Sustainable design, craftsmanship and homeware suitable for every need. Portuguese operators are looking with confidence to the Milan event. Despite its small size, Portugal represents a dynamic market, also due to the growing interest of Lusitanian consumers and entrepreneurs in Italian excellence.


Solutions that combine design with sustainability; unique pieces that are the result of craftsmanship; furnishing accessories capable of enhancing the style of an environment; objects with a strong visual impact.


This is what Portuguese buyers are expecting to find at Milano Home. In order to meet the demand of a market that looks at the house as a place increasingly oriented towards wellbeing, but also as a working environment, Lusitanian operators have very clear ideas: developing new contacts with the main European brands and strengthening the existing ones, but above all intercepting a select group of companies that bases its production on exclusive values such as craftsmanship, innovation and creativity with an eye to Made in Italy.



Founded in 1998, Vianainox offers a wide range of stainless steel products aimed particularly at the kitchen world – pots, cutlery, knives, accessories, thermal bottles – as well as bathroom solutions.



What is the situation of the Portuguese market? Are people buying their products directly in the shops?


“We are living in a period that presents new challenges, uncertainty is influencing consumer behaviour. Intercepting the demands of a market conditioned by frequent periods of instability – explained Carlos Gonçalves Pires, owner of Vianainox – is the imperative to withstand the impact and meet customer demand. It’s not a matter of basic strategy, a large margin of flexibility is needed to avoid the risk of playing it by ear. We are satisfied with the number of clients in our shops. Right from the beginning, we decided to give priority to European brands, a choice that was welcomed with pleasure by our customers. We collaborate with several Italian brands – including Barazzoni, Guzzini, Olympia, Eme – and at Milano Home our intention is to find companies that are both designers and producers of the solutions they propose”.




Selecting the best brands and providing a service of excellence. This is the key to the success of Sanimaia, a shop specialising in home decoration, building materials and bathroom products.


“This year we are celebrating 30 years of our process of growth”, said Teresa Maia. “In our shops in Porto and Lisbon we offer a careful selection of products by more than 80 brands. A series of solutions to meet customer preferences that ranges from decorative items to tableware and kitchen utensils, up to towel rails, accessories, tiles and many other types of bathroom products”.


Despite the economic slowdown and the lower confidence index, the picture is not completely gloomy.


“The Portuguese market is starting to show signs of contraction and the forecasts for 2024 are not rosy. Last year we opened an online shop to extend our presence beyond the physical boundaries, but most of our customers prefer to have a personal contact and make their purchase in the shop”.


What do you expect from Milano Home?


“In a scenario characterised by constant turbulence, it is necessary to push even harder on quality. We are coming at Milano Home knowing that the offer will be diverse and well assorted. We are looking for sustainable brands that are not mass produced, for products made from new materials that can have a second life through recycling”.




Innovation, quality and originality. The history of Graça, a shop that offers an extensive display of tableware, decoration and furniture, has developed according to these guidelines. For over 40 years, Graça has been operating in Loulé, in the centre of the Algarve region, in perfect symbiosis with an area that expresses the typical atmosphere of Portugal.


“There’s no doubt that consumers have become more careful and thrifty”, explained Maria da Graça Marquez. “Needs are changing and so does the demand. Today, comfort is at the heart of every project, customers expect us to provide answers and targeted solutions.


With this in mind, I expect a lot from Milano Home. I will look mostly for international proposals, paying particular attention to Italian productions”.


Sólar Mobiliário e Decoração


From giftware to porcelain, from crystal objects to the most sought-after design items, Sólar Mobiliário e Decoração is close to celebrating 50 years in business.


“The customer perspective has changed and eco-design is overturning what was the ordinary view of a product”, explained Renata Costa. “Despite a decline in the number of presences in the shops, those who make the purchase are expecting compliance with certain requirements. There is an increasing focus on everything that can be identified with sustainability”.


“I look with confidence to Milano Home. I expect to see many new products and articles with sophisticated design and reduced environmental impact. Elegance, beauty and aesthetics continue to guide the consumer towards the purchase. Especially in the field of decoration and lighting, I’ll be looking for proposals and solutions for every environment, furnishing accessories capable of combining aesthetics and well-being”.  


Portuguese buyers. What they are interested in

Portuguese buyers. What they expect to find in Milan Home