Fontana: “A repositioning is needed with suppliers, through dialogue and open discussion”
Retail evolution

Fontana: “A repositioning is needed with suppliers, through dialogue and open discussion”

“It should be taken for granted that the relationship between supplier and retailer needs to be continuous and stable. Unfortunately, the reality is different and presents a contrasting situation”.

Together with her sister Anna, Gisella Fontana is bringing forward the history of Fontana Cuneo. A tradition rooted as far back as 1925. Within two years, the shop - now in its third generation - will celebrate a century of history.



What is wrong with the relationship between the two parties? 


Suppliers often look at the online world without allowing us not just to be competitive when using the sales channel, but without even leaving us a chance to do so.


From being a tool within everyone's reach, the Internet is likely to create asperity and tension. A repositioning is needed, perhaps through dialogue and open confrontation it will be possible to overcome this conflict which might generate disputes between the parties, inevitably leading to strong disagreements.


In 2017, Fontana Cuneo won the Global Innovation Award for the best Italian shop in the sector.


It is located in the historic centre of Cuneo, develops over three floors, and has 20 shop windows. The first floor houses a cooking school that organises courses with the participation of food bloggers and chefs. A sort of gourmet's paradise. The second floor is dedicated to the table and everything you need to properly set it up. There’s also a corner devoted to Venini's prestigious glassware. The third floor is reserved to wedding lists and becomes an enchanted place at Christmas time. Rosenthal, Ballerini, Sambonet, Alessi, Bellora, Queboo are some of the brands on display in the shop in Via Roma. 


“The shop window must communicate positivity and entice customers to enter theshop. After crossing the threshold of the shop, potential buyers must be able to assess the product, which has to be legible and communicate beauty, curiosity, sustainability and novelty. Our philosophy is the pursuit of beauty and quality. Every year we visit all the sector's international trade fairs and we passionately select new products and designers' proposals'.