What makes the difference? If I like it, then I sell it
Retail evolution

What makes the difference? If I like it, then I sell it

Milano Home meets Raffaella Algani Ottobarradieci (Bergamo)

Ottobarradieci was founded in 2006, in the heart of the city of Bergamo, and takes its name from the street number where the shop is located. Raffaella, the owner, tells us of her mother's passion for handicrafts and design, a fondness that she passed on to her from an early age, bringing her to markets in each of their exotic and non-exotic travels, conveying to her the idea that if something is beautiful it gives you something in return, whether it is from a renowned or an unknown designer, and passing down to her the idea that one needs to step out of the flock and be daring.



What values does your shop focus on?


There have always been two values I focus on: uniqueness and originality



What is the strength of your shop?


I think my shop differs from others because I combine handicrafts and products by emerging designers with more commercial choices, such as well-known brands like Seletti, thus creating an original mix. Furthermore, it is constantly changing because I don't have fixed structures, so when I change the shop window I move everything around. It is difficult for customers to find my shop exactly the same as when they left it.



How do you choose items for your customers?


Mainly by visiting trade fairs and markets, when I travel I investigate shops or spaces that can inspire me. Many designers and artists appreciate the eclectic nature of Ottobarradieci and offer to exhibit here. I also use Instagram extensively and magazines as a research tool.



How do you expect the retail world to change in the coming years?


I believe that it will increasingly migrate to the digital market, the ones who make bolder choices and do not get swept away by the logic of “like it then I sell it” will resist, the thing that makes the difference is IF I LIKE IT, THEN I WILL SELL IT.



If you could describe your shop in one sentence, what would it be?


An explosion of colour, creativity and passion combined with a pinch of courage.