LISOLASTORE: "The luxury of craftsmanship and the elegance of simplicity."
Retail evolution

LISOLASTORE: "The luxury of craftsmanship and the elegance of simplicity."

"The home should be a cosy, comfortable place full of beauty, a place where you can feel fully yourself and express your personality through your furniture."

Antonio Cannavò and Renato Ballone, the two founders of Lisolastore whom we met, told us their story: a family business specialising in the sale of household linen products. Starting out as a company rooted downtown Milan, it brought its experience and passion for quality fabrics into the digital world, transforming LisolaStore into an e-commerce shipping across Italy. Since 2018, this company has continued to grow, also bringing the Lisola-branded Made in Italy household linen line to the market. They now have three sales outlets and more than 20 employees.



What values does the store focus on? 


We believe in a home that is cosy, comfortable and full of beauty, a place where one can feel fully oneself and express one's personality through furnishings. Craftsmanship and Made in Italy: workmanship and traditional know-how give each product value and personality. Quality: we collaborate with brands that, like us, believe in the importance of investing in natural raw materials and fine workmanship. 

Client-centric: an attentive and helpful Customer Service, ready to help you by offering the same care and attention you would find in the shop



How is your shop different from others?


Our strength is that we are able to offer a complete range of products, both in terms of price and design. The customer can always find the best product at the best price.



How do you choose items for your customers? 


When choosing products for our assortment, we always favour Made in Italy, high quality and craftsmanship. Secondly, we assess value for money. Generally, we use our representative agencies, visit trade fairs, do online searches and refer to trade magazines.



How do you expect the retail world to change in the coming years? 


We believe strongly in the omnichannel. Brick-and-mortar retailers are structures that will be shaped differently and will increasingly serve to facilitate online and bespoke services.



Would you advise a young person to open a shop like yours? 


Absolutely! It is a beautiful adventure and can be very rewarding. Of course it takes commitment and hard work.



One sentence to describe Lisolastore


The luxury of craftsmanship and the elegance of simplicity.