Reveries Home Decoration: there’s room for those with original ideas
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Reveries Home Decoration: there’s room for those with original ideas

“Reveries Milano – explained the co-owner Aldo Fabian – was born from two different spirits and personalities, those of Aldo and Lorenzo; the first is 'impetuously' aesthetic and the other 'strictly' creative, but they have one passion in common: the love for beauty. After more than 20 years of experience in the luxury world, and after designing boutiques, showrooms, and events of all kinds in the world of fashion and design, we wanted to give concrete form to our skills, thus creating unique and original settings and decorating, entirely by hand, small reclaimed furniture and decorative objects. At Atelier and Bottega you can also find an exclusive selection of home design objects from various countries.”



What is the main focus of your store? 


"At Atelier and Bottega we focus on the originality of the objects. We always try to emphasize high-quality craft products and 'Made in Italy', which has to be characterized by uniqueness and flair.”


Our strong point is to present an image that is aesthetically curated in every detail, together with the colourful, cozy atmosphere. Customers say they feel 'at home' and pleasantly immersed in a world of joyful combinations.



How do you choose the items for your shop?


Our selection comes from our own personal scouting but, above all, we draw inspiration from trips and places we have visited.



How do you expect the retail world to change in the coming years? 


We believe in human values and we think (and hope) that there will be a return to traditional selling. As a matter of fact, visiting a shop provides an all-round 'shopping experience', which fascinates the customer with scents, music and sensations that is not possible to reproduce online. In addition, the relationships and trust created between retailers and customers are, of course, deeply valued.



Would you advise a young person to open a shop today? 


Yes, of course, but only if they have in mind a concrete, valid project and an original idea. 



One sentence to describe Reveries.


Beautiful things help make life better and in our shop we have many of them.