T DESIGN: "Everyone who enters our shop should feel at home"
Retail evolution

T DESIGN: "Everyone who enters our shop should feel at home"

The sophistication of the collections, the quality of the materials and the uniqueness of the selected brands. These are the characteristics that have made the shop a landmark for the city and for design enthusiasts. 

T. Design opened in the heart of Bergamo in 2008 thanks to Elisabetta, nicknamed “Lisi” by customers. Her strong personality, together with that of her daughter Giulia, have always made the shop stand out, Clara Bonazzi, the shop's communication manager, tells us. 



What values does the store focus on?


Our values are linked to the concept of family: everyone who enters our shop should feel at home. In fact, friendliness and helpfulness rule the day.



How is your shop different from others? 


Certainly from the possibility of finding a selection of items that are hard to find in Bergamo. Our store becomes a unique space, perfect for finding an original gift idea or decoration for your home. In addition, inside the store we display a solid surface furniture collection, designed and handcrafted by Giulia Donati, the owner's daughter. 

In addition to product selection, we believe that sales or design support is an added value that, when requested, we are happy to offer to all customers.



How do you expect the retail world to change in the coming years?


The retail world is constantly changing. For example, during the pandemic we worked well. The problems came later. People became more and more interested in online shopping, and given the crisis that ensued, there was a contraction in purchases immediately afterwards. Certainly, online is a big hurdle, but one should not be scared off and work more and more on customer relations, ad hoc projects and handcrafted and selected goods.



Would you advise a young person to open a shop? 


Nowadays, young people are used to online shopping, but it is certain that, especially on certain occasions such as weddings, new homes, and birthdays, the support of an expert is always welcome. This is when the shop/shopkeeper makes the difference. Certainly, opening a shop must come with great passion, predisposition and strong motivation.



One sentence to describe T. Design 


A place to get immerse yourself, find inspiration and discover unique items, workmanship and colours.