Modellando Arte: uniqueness and beauty

Modellando Arte: uniqueness and beauty

Artistic creations made entirely by hand: from shaping and finishing, to the creation of glazes based on natural pigments, up to decoration. A hymn to beauty, art and nature for unique and original works.

Modellando Arte proposes true works of art, each one with its own story to tell. The originality of the creations lies in the calibrated fusion between traditional ceramic techniques and the most contemporary working methods, with a surprising result that makes each piece unique.



Our interview with Francesca Mileo, artisan and founder of Modellando Arte



How did you come up with the project Modellando Arte?


My ceramics project was born out of a passion for art, beauty, nature and the creative handmade process. I chose to create functional unique pieces to convey beauty and uniqueness to people and the homes in which they live. Each article is made completely by hand, from the design to the modelling of ceramics, up to the creation of glazes with natural pigments. Two pieces will never be identical because every detail is carefully thought out. My wish is to turn ceramics into a living art, which pays homage to the earth and its beauty. Above all, my desire is to create works of art that not only beautify spaces, but are also functional and can be used in everyday life. My pottery items are meant to be a symbol of beauty and connection with nature, and I hope they can bring joy and serenity to the people who use them.



How do you take inspiration for your creations and which techniques do you use to make them?


For my ceramic creations, I am fascinated and influenced by the beauty and wonder of the natural world. The complexity of the environment around us is truly fascinating and inspires me to create works of art that honour and celebrate the imperfections and uniqueness of nature. Making a beautiful and unique piece of pottery requires a great deal of patience, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep respect for the materials used. However, what really distinguishes my creations is the unique human touch that can be found in every single piece. These intentional imperfections are essential to highlight the handiwork of the artist, giving each piece a sense of character and personality that cannot be found in commercial products. Through my art, I strive to create shapes that resemble the forms and textures found in nature, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and truly unique pieces. With respect to my techniques, as a ceramist, I believe it is important to remain faithful to those traditional techniques that have been used for centuries. When it comes to creating pieces of pottery, I have a completely manual approach, using techniques such as columbine, slab and pinching. I believe that this practical method gives me a deeper connection with my art and allows to create unique pieces that cannot be replicated by automated means. Even though the creation of each piece can take a long time, I find the whole process rewarding. From start to finish, every step is consciously taken care of. This is particularly evident in the decoration phase, which takes place after the creation of my secret combination of glazes made with natural pigments. Rather than relying on pre-packaged glazes, I like to take the time to create my own, thus adding an extra layer of intimacy and individuality to each piece. In general, this approach may lengthen the time required to complete the work, but the end result is always worth it. By focusing on the details and giving each piece the care and attention it deserves, I manage to produce one-of-a-kind ceramics.



Do your works have any features or colours in common?


All my ceramic creations share three main features: craftsmanship, manual skill and emotion. Craftsmanship gives my products an aura of authenticity and uniqueness that distinguishes them from industrial production. In addition, the manual skill with which I create each piece lends an original character that can be perceived thanks to the irregular shapes and freehand textures. Finally, all the pieces convey emotions thanks to their beauty and distinctiveness. Each one, having been created with care and passion through a slow process, has its own soul and conveys emotions to those who own it, thanks to the aesthetic features and intrinsic craftsmanship, which leads the enthusiast to appreciate its imperfection as synonymous with authenticity. When I think about the colour I'm using, I always get excited. It is very special to me. It is a blue with a multitude of shades and unique qualities that make it stand out. One of the main characteristics of this blue is the mottled craklé effect that adds dimension and depth to each one of my pieces. To add further visual interest, I also incorporate a white flow that blends elegantly with the blue. Interestingly, this colour is often reminiscent of the sea or the sky, both of which are meaningful and beautiful in their own way. I like the contrast between the joyful appearance of this colour and its fragility, which comes from the craklé glazing technique that I use to apply it. However, despite this sense of fragility, my pieces are made of surprisingly robust stoneware, which is fired at high temperatures to ensure maximum durability. When you see my works, you will be surprised by how strong and durable they really are.



Three words to describe your creations?


My ceramic creations can be easily distinguished by their durability, uniqueness and originality. Durability is an important quality for a ceramic object that is designed to last. Moreover, the fact that my ceramic pieces are unique works of art makes them even more fascinating and appealing, as each one has its own story to tell. The originality of my creations lies in the perfect fusion between traditional ceramic techniques and contemporary working methods, thus resulting in unique and innovative pieces. In short, my pieces of pottery embody the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, making sure that they stand the test of time while remaining original and unique.



What new products will you be presenting at the next edition of Milano Home?


I invite you to come to Milano Home 2024 to discover my home furniture collection. You will find traditional home décor elements as well as new creations such as beautiful vases, cake stands and sculptural art pieces that will add a touch of elegance to your home. Don't miss the chance to see my unique design elements and discover all the new products offered by Modellando Arte.