“The house? Beautiful and sustainable”
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“The house? Beautiful and sustainable”

A talk with Isabella Goldmann, architect, writer, journalist and film-maker.

Architecture, science, beauty. A triad of elements that, if well combined, can constitute the indispensable ingredients for perceiving the house as a place of well-being and serenity. The bioclimatic house represents a tangible example of this demanding study and research work based on sustainable innovation.


Isabella Goldmann, architect, writer, journalist and film-maker, is rightly recognised as a forerunner of the new frontiers of bio-architecture.


“The house must speak to the soul of the people inhabiting it. It must be shaped according to the needs of the household while respecting sustainability”.


Goldmann designs and builds bioclimatic houses, a definition that seems to refer to the use of cutting-edge, futuristic technology. In reality, this dimension has its precise role within a more complex project that originates from extensive research conducted by IRCAS, a research centre for applied sustainability founded by Goldmann, where “we carry out cutting-edge studies in the sector to provide new innovative solutions in today's homes”.


Exposure to the sun, wind direction and surrounding vegetation are all factors with a specific weight in the construction phase. Not only they are decisive in bringing a good project to fruition, but they also reverberate on highly sensitive issues: above all, that of energy saving.


“The first thing to do is to select products that match with beauty, which represents the sustainability of the soul. At the same time, it is necessary to educate the choices of visitors, guiding them towards conscious decisions. Currently we have a range of solutions that help retailers change or supplement their offer with objects that are also beautiful to describe”.


Sometimes consumers are not aware of the new materials and proposals offered by the market to make their home more welcoming, beautiful and environmentally friendly. It is therefore up to the retailer to make them aware of the proposals that are really able to drastically reduce the environmental impact and improve their quality of life.


'Green Circle' will be among the special projects on display at Milano Home, a space dedicated to virtuous and innovative objects designed and directed by Isabella Goldmann. The area, created in the shape of a circular square, will accommodate 60 products characterized by an alternative approach that respects nature, materials and people.