“Today people are looking for intimacy”

“Today people are looking for intimacy”

A talk with Fabio Daglio (POLI.Design).

“People change, needs change, and spaces are transformed, becoming more important when they are occupied. Today people are searching for intimacy, a sort of personal contact with their surroundings”.


Fabio Daglio is an architect, interior-designer and showroom manager for Londonart Wallpaper, as well as a consultant and lecturer at POLI.Design. At Milano Home, Daglio explains the importance of combining sustainability and sensoriality, in order to highlight the value and strength of storytelling as an essential communicative language to convey a correct message.


“Technology should not be chased but must be of service. Today there is a great desire to rediscover the attention to materials that convey feelings. None of the senses is excluded”.


“Sustainability is at the heart of every project. There's now full awareness of its essentiality, people are aware of what it really means to have a sustainable house and are looking for answers that are tailored to their needs”.


Here comes the fundamental role of the point of sale, the place where content and values are shared.


“On the one hand, it is necessary to intercept customers' needs, on the other, it is necessary to describe in detail the peculiarities and characteristics of what they are asking for. Today customers tend to be generally informed, they are aware of what the market offers to satisfy their demand. They are no longer willing to take for granted everything they are told. Through a real description, it is up to the retailer to reinforce those principles of which they are aware, putting a strong emphasis on how the products that aroused their interest are truly sustainable, capable of generating a reduced environmental impact, and of conveying sensory experiences”.