Room with a view
Way of Living

Room with a view

MILANO HOME is ready for a new “spring of design”

Moments to experience: the home increasingly represents a non-place where people can find time for themselves and make the most of it to rest, feel safe but also work and manage activities. In this sense “inhabiting” becomes a fluid word, because it translates both living IN the home and living THE home.


The latter meaning is what inspired MILANO HOME’S tag line: Your way of living. A simple phrase that makes the case for personalising home living in a new way. One example is the current season: springtime. The windows open up and the balconies and gardens become additional rooms that accommodate all the activities that we used to do at home during the colder months. Thus, all one needs is a comfortable seat and, with a PC on one’s lap, there we go: an open-air office.


This is how the home is experienced both inside and out, and items move, transform, change their intended use to follow the needs of those who use them. No matter whether they were designed for that function or not: more and more customisation leads to creatively distorting the initial design and mutating every object into a new thing.


In such an effervescent and, indeed, fluid situation, designers are called upon to anticipate the many uses of the product and entice those who will use it to challenge the status quo and discover new purposes of use. We are experiencing a “spring of design” that goes beyond the season as the many purposes that household objects take on demonstrate, exposed to change and customisation.


MILANO HOME wants precisely to enhance this special moment and to breathe new life into the imagination of designers with infinite opportunities brought together through a new exhibition project. The ultimate goal is to give more freedom to designers and offer a complete showcase to retailers, to intercept the changing needs of an increasingly demanding public.  


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