Home green home: the future is sustainable
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Home green home: the future is sustainable

Environmental commitment, authenticity, originality, quality and innovation underpin everyday living and guide the next edition of Milano Home.

For some time now, the centrality of environmental issues has been affecting all sectors of our national economy, in line with the vision of international governments that have made sustainability and environmental protection part of their short and long-term political strategies. With this in mind, more and more companies are inspired by the principles of green economy and are investing in the sustainability and ecological quality of their products by using materials and production practices with low environmental impact, but without neglecting durability, aesthetics, and the style of Made-in-Italy.


The industry of home living is redefining the business ecosystem, thus leading companies to design high-quality products that not only create value for the production chain, but also create long-term value for everyone, especially for our society and the planet. This is a new way of approaching the purchase of consumer goods, where the search for beauty respects the criteria of 'properly made' and, above all, 'ethically correct' and goes beyond the commercial value. 


In the first edition, sustainability was the main topic of Milano Home, which this time will present itself as the starter of this new critical approach related to the purchase of consumer goods, according to which 'beautiful' also means properly made and above all correct, in line with the internationally recognized ESG criteria and the SDGs identified by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda. 


Several special initiatives and dedicated installations underline the importance of this theme. These include The Green Circle, the project curated for Milano Home by Isabella Goldmann - an architect, pioneer of the new frontiers of bio-architecture, and opinion leader on sustainability issues - dedicated to the research and promotion of products consistent with the criteria of sustainability and circular economy. The goal is also to suggest a new way of buying household objects, arouse curiosity, and provide new keys to understand what it means to be 'truly sustainable'.


A company such as Olivo Tappeti, a carpet manufacturer, is well aware of this, and with 'Let's go green' it aims to offer a product catalogue that is as environmentally sustainable as possible, consisting of carpets made from recycled, recyclable or natural raw materials.



Sensitivity to the environment is much more than a fashion statement also for Cereria Lumen, which carefully chooses all the materials used for its candles: vegetable raw materials, possibly local and from organic farming, with attention to their impact on the environment.


Sustainability and innovation are also at the heart of Moneta’s philosophy, a historic Italian brand produced and distributed by the Alluflon Group, a leading manufacturer of cooking utensils from the Marche region, which in March 2023 presented FineGres®, the innovative natural coating that does not contain PFAS, PTFE, NICKEL, BPA or PFOA, and is both resistant and kind to the environment. 


Alluflon Group is strongly committed to preserving the environment. Eco-sustainability, Social Responsibility, Quality, Research and Innovation are in fact the core values of a company dedicated to the well-being of its employees and focused on increasing product quality. From design to packaging, Alluflon Group's products are made in an increasingly sustainable way, in order to leave an ecological mark on the environment while innovating the world of cooking utensils, thanks to a careful selection of materials and their processing. 


Noteworthy is also Munkh, which sources its raw materials from local farmers to produce environmentally friendly and biodegradable cashmere and natural fibres, that not only respect nature but also ethics.


These are just a few examples of sustainability choices made by the many exhibitors taking part in Milano Home, which has always devoted particular attention to the skills and stories of companies that can make the difference for the generations of today and tomorrow.