The Grandmillennial Style that appeals to the younger generations
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The Grandmillennial Style that appeals to the younger generations

Between minimalism and maximalism, the Grandmillennial is the furnishing trend that also appeals to first-time homeowners. Between traditional items and more modern, contemporary pieces, the classic style - also thanks to a growing focus on beauty that lasts - never goes out of fashion

It is the Grandmillennial style: a new luxury that, instead of the grandmotherly style, tries to rediscover the values of the past and objects that last.


Attentive to the values of sustainability amidst decorated porcelain, precious and embroidered fabrics, romantic furnishing accessories and floral wallpapers, the millennial generation loves the combination of antiques and modern accessories.


MILANO HOME exhibitors ride the trend and present their products to offer a practical response to the demand for authenticity, quality, innovation and originality so dear to those who seek the best to furnish and decorate their homes.


Here are a few examples:

The timeless English style of the Mason Cash brand known for its classic and innovative kitchen utensils. The shape of its bowls has withstood the test of time to become a design classic.


The evergreen designs and decorations of Wedgwood, an icon of English ceramics, with its tea and tableware still hand-made respecting the patterns and techniques of the past, with an eye on future trends. 


The elegant porcelain items offered by Limoges Haviland with their precious and inimitable decorations ranging from gold to white, to floral and colourful combinations and personalisation.


From France to Denmark with White Fluted Full Lace by Royal Copenhagen which has been an undisputed symbol of elegance since the late 1800s.


For mise en place that meets the most demanding and varied preferences, Baci Milano presents the Baroque & Rock collection: sumptuous and meticulous in every detail.


Pozzi Milano embodies the spirit of “table fashion”: it designs, produces and distributes a complete range of trendy products to spread the concept of accessible tableware.


Lots of classy choices in the kitchen with the container collection by Typhoon also hailing from the UK. Practical products that combine geometric and contemporary shapes with materials such as acacia wood or bamboo with gold, or steel in pastel colours.

Vanni Pratesi has been reintroducing the charm of leather accessories - desk sets, jewellery boxes, coin purses, gaming items, and leather boxes - since the 1960s, continuing the noble tradition of the Florentine Renaissance and still using solid vegetable-tanned leather.


Moving on to textiles, Powell Craft's classic English decorations of colourful printed quilts, plaids, lace-edged tablecloths, bed linen, lavender bags, embroidered hangers, as well as the ever-present Christmas decorations, are back.


Paintings help to create the right atmosphere in the home: Agave decorates the walls, ranging from painted landscapes and flowers to dancers and musicians, female figures, fashion icons with a pop art flavour and canvases full of decorative elements.

For well used environments all loved by those who dwell there.