When a mindfulness corner is at home
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When a mindfulness corner is at home

It only takes a few basic steps to create the perfect safe space in the home, leaving stress and external influences behind.

Harmony, balance, peace of mind and, above all, time seem increasingly difficult to find, but by starting with a physical place in the home where to retreat (or hide!), everything becomes possible. 


Ranging from hobbies to fashion & beauty, the vast assortment offered by Moronigomma is a guarantee of well-being: all it takes is a yoga mat and the right lighting to transform a corner of the house into a space for meditation or reading.


The escapism moment can also take place through tasting: Spiegelau glasses are a guarantee in terms of flavour conveyance to maximise the enjoyment of wines and drinks. For a sensory experience that contributes to overall well-being.


Taking the time to prepare healthy and tasty food can become an moment of meditation when doing so with quality utensils, such as Emile Henry ceramic utensils that allow to cook with ease the best dishes. 


Remaining on the theme of tableware, Baci Milano's Chic&Zen collection stands for harmony in style and the beauty of tradition, for a collection that mixes durable materials with refined shapes and a classic touch. To make mealtime an aesthetic experience that contributes to centring on the present.


Strengthening muscles, improving balance, flexibility, coordination and posture is the ergonomic Vluv Stov distributed in Italy by Intentions, an ergonomic seat to be used at home to meditate but also to study or work.


Today, the ultimate luxury is disconnection: Stolp©is a box that blocks all signals once the phone is put inside it. A way to really unplug and turn from user to human being.


Fragrance occupies an important place in the perception of the environment: The olfactory notes of Horomia's fragrances express the personality of their users creating unique settings that enhance the emotions. 


Discover here some of the products offered by the Milan Home exhibitors in the fragrance sector.