The scent of a Home: fragrances from the world of Milano Home
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The scent of a Home: fragrances from the world of Milan Home

The sense of smell ranks only fifth among our senses, but it can have a primary influence on physical and environmental well-being.

Fragrances stimulate concentration, accompany sleep, change the perception of an environment, soothe respiratory inflammations, relax, and purify the air. If chosen consciously, fragrances have the power to create well-being and make living spaces cosy and reflecting the personality of those who live in them.


Here is an overview of the diverse world of room fragrances on show at the first edition of Milano HOME, from 11 to 14 January 2024 at fieramilano (Rho).


Active in scented candles and room diffusers since 1961, Cereria Lumen uses vegetable waxes and scented oils. 


These are unique pieces from the Spanish company Cereria Mollá that has been handing down the original recipes for the creation of personalised fragrances made strictly by hand over generations since 1899.


The tradition of the art of woodworking is also a starting point for Chiara Firenze , who reinterprets it in a contemporary key.


Essentia: the first Essentia product was a Perfume for Laundry, which makes it unique, with a persistent fragrance, made with extracts of precious essential oils and "friend" of the environment.

From the success of the Laundry line and from the experience in the processing of different fragrances, the company's laboratories also developed valuable fragrances for Fabrics and Environments in the following years.

Today Essentia is able to offer a complete and unique range, with 12 product lines and over 700 different items.


Based on a centuries-old tradition, the products of the Wally 1925 line reintroduce, in the light of new cosmetic knowledge, those formulations that can offer the quality and authenticity typical of the artisan products of yesteryear. Each perfume contains high concentrations of essential oils, tuned with synthetic molecules.


Muhà, of the Motta Group, transforms Italian excellence into modern and attractive design products that focus on color, with a competitive price, and with a high level fragrance.


Ethalia Fragrances instead, in a mysterious journey between incense and spices, offers real moments of experience, able to create emotions, awaken sensations and, why not, rediscover the poetry. 


The laundry fragrance company Horomia is aiming for diversification; in 2019, it was positioned as the best laundry fragrance in terms of intensity and performance.


With Festina Lente we enter the world of vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic niche perfumes. The packaging contains no plastic and the laboratory is 100% powered by renewable sources.



Specialising in the sale of scented candles, scented sachets, catalytic lamps and room fragrances, Florart Italia, is distributor of brands such as Vellutier, Ashleigh & Burwood, and Colonial Candle, Greenleaf, Himalayan, The WillowBrook, and Tuscany.


Present in the market for over 50 years, the American company Yankee Candle distributes several brands such as Millefiori, Yankee Candle, Woodwick, and Chesapeake Bay.


The Label collection stands for 'lively' fragrances and is aimed at those who appreciate rare raw materials and who seek customisation through the combination of perfumes and toiletries, room fragrances and scented candles.


With its four inspiring brands Bloomingville, Creative Collection, Bloomingville Mini, and Illume x Bloomingville, the Danish company Bloomingville is constantly up-to-date on new trends in home decor for both indoors and outdoors environments.