Stationery: tradition with a modern twist

Stationery: tradition with a modern twist

Minimalist, excellent and top quality stationery and lifestyle objects, accessories and items at Milano HOME. 

The first edition of Milano HOME, the new benchmark for international trends in home décor, will be held from 11 to 14 January 2024 at fieramilano Rho. A trade fair event and, above all, a not to be missed opportunity to get up to date on manufacturing, innovations and traditions from all over the world. Speaking of trends, style ideas and new products, here are some suggestions and proposals that are coming up in the stationery segment.


Muy, with its significant claim “Original Design Zone”, distributes the best Japanese stationery and lifestyle brands on the Italian market such as Midori, Traveler's Company, Md Paper, Peco, Hightide, Kunisawa, Toyo Steel. He points out, “For us, Japanese design, and more specifically Japanese designer stationery, is everything we look for in a design object: refinement, minimalism, excellence and quality of materials and manufacturing. In other words, the essence of a traditional concept with a modern twist”.



The Taiwan-based brand, Tools to Liveby, makes notebooks, pens, stickers and bookmarks that are inspirational for everyday activities. Each item is manufactured with attention to detail, using high-quality materials and following a sustainable production process.  


Iconic, a South Korea-based design brand, specialises in innovative, high-quality stationery products that combine functionality, aesthetics and practicality. Notebooks, pens, highlighters, agendas and many other items that meet the needs of work, study and everyday life.  


The Spanish brand, Labobratori, specialises in the production of high quality notebooks with a strong focus on design, artisanal production, rigorously crafted with high quality materials and attention to detail. A contemporary and refined twist that adds to the tradition of stationery items. 



All Saypaper's fine stationery products are objects designed for the home, dedicated to children or art connoisseurs that always have a story to tell and have been carefully crafted by young, independent companies. Shipping does not use any plastic packaging and everything that is used is recycled or can be recycled.



Paper On The Rocks stationery is ideal for writers, artists, professionals and anyone wishing to “help change the world with the stroke of a pen”. Founded in 2015, they explain, the mission is “to make the paper industry more sustainable. A major effort, given that this type of industry is one of the most polluting industries globally and shows little willingness (or need) to innovate. Paper / on the Rocks researches and develops alternative papers, which are made from waste, to create high-end luxury stationery without chopping down trees and therefore with far less environmental impact”. As proof of its concrete commitment to sustainability, Paper On The Rocks is a certified B Corp.


Since 1994, Alisea has been dedicated to transforming waste into innovative products, inspiring positive behaviour through design. The company is committed to creating ethical and transparent supply chains, helping to solve the problem of waste management and promoting sustainable solutions. In 2019, it obtained the legal status of a “Benefit Corporation”. Susanna Martucci, CEO and Founder, explains: “We are inspired daily by our belief in change. To achieve the results we aim for, we are inspired by the philosophy of 'Why not?', the same force that drove the Hendrixes, the Pollocks, the Chanels, the inventor of the chicken curry and the Spritz to go beyond, to overcome limitations, rules and preconceptions, to take innovative paths, to undermine customs, to think and act, as the saying goes, ‘Out of The Box’”.



Embacollage has many years of experience in the sale and production of exclusive packaging, including customised and trendy solutions. Together with their customers, the graphic designers create the ideal image of their brand in packaging.  



There is room for creativity in Wrendale Designs’ greeting cards, stationery and regalia made with artist Hannah Dale's distinctive watercolours. Amidst an appreciation for the outdoors (and the occasional cup of tea), the company manufactures high quality design products, often enriched with little touches that make them even more special. 



Founded in 2006, Ediglam directly oversees all stages of production, from the acquisition of licences to the creation of graphics, and this is why Ediglam's products consistently feature Italian style and tradition, which, combined with quality, creativity, innovation and continuous research, have enabled Ediglam to become a reference point in the world of stationery and gadget products very quickly.


La Kaligrafica proposes writing articles made in the finest craft workshops in Italy. Combining technical skill and aesthetics, they make use of the work of skilled chisellers capable of conveying the charm of a timeless art. Pens, feathers, nibs, inkwells and fountain pens: all products in which La Kaligrafica has specialised over the years and which pay homage to the taste and refinement of those who believe that the gestures of an intimately thought-out piece of writing must be accompanied by an object that reflects its proper value.


Talent, passion and a dash of madness are at the core of Addvent, Colab's project involving an international team of young illustrators and professional writers who design and create experiences that invite everyone to explore the world around them in the form of illustrated prints. 


KINGO's Origamo is the world of handmade and fair trade paper creations. They are an ideal gift for those who want to impress and be remembered. Origamo® Originals are handcrafted greeting cards and authentic little gems because each piece is made entirely by hand by expert artisans who spend more than one hour to make each one. 


Pininfarina Segno is a unique and innovative approach to the writing experience. The creation of timeless beauty, characteristic of Pininfarina design, and the continuous quest for innovation are the underlying drivers of this project. Pininfarina Segno combines cutting-edge technology and artisan skills to add a new chapter to the history of writing and create innovative objects that become timeless icons. 


ZENITH and Coccoina products are appreciated everywhere for their functionality, style, efficiency and design. Conceived and manufactured with care and passion since 1924, over time they have become must-have reference points for the stationery sector, to the point of becoming part of our daily life, in the office, at home and at school. Innovation, efficiency, “Made in Italy”, social responsibility and environmental protection have contributed to making ZENITH and Coccoina products true icons in Italy and in many parts of the world.



Thanks to the thirty years of experience of the two founding partners, IMPRESA3C is a structure designed to be at the service of retailers: flexible, fast, well-organised. A partner able to offer quality products, guaranteed availability of goods including bags, backpacks and accessories, fast delivery and attentive service.



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