Trends and inspirations for the 2024 table

Trends and inspirations for the 2024 table

From decoration to giftware: everything new in home decor for 2024. Trends, insights, strategies and new perspectives for shops, manufacturers, distributors, entrepreneurs, artisans, interior designers, and online platforms at Milano HOME

Each New Year's Eve brings with it resolutions and wishes for the year to come. For 2024 Milano HOME-your way of living continues and strengthens the story around the main themes of home decor with new objects, accessories and furnishings. The main features are ecologically-designed and sustainable, natural colours and materials, refined minimalism, artisanal methods, but also plenty of creative energy to experiment with new and unusual combinations of various styles, for the ultimate customisation. 


The products on show at Milano HOME - from 11 to 14 January 2024 at fieramilano Rho - reflect the trends that will characterise home interiors of 2024. Here are just a few examples of tableware, kitchen accessories, small electrical appliances and lighting.


Eco-design and sustainability is and remains THE major topic that now crosses all manufacturing: consumers are increasingly attentive to environmental impact. Olivo Tappeti with its Let's go green brand produces carpets made from recycled materials, recyclable materials, or natural raw materials. All products are certified, with labels on the use of recycled raw materials, the absence of harmful substances or dyes, including its packaging and packing.


Natural, durable and environmentally friendly, the innovative FineGres® coating by Moneta, a historic Italian brand made and distributed by the Alluflon Group, will be used for all new non-stick lines. FineGres® does not contain PFAS, PTFE, NICKEL, BPA or PFOA; as for production, it has a highly energy-saving production cycle with low CO2 emissions and also extends the life of the non-stick properties twofold compared to the previous version.


Innovative non-stick coating free of PTFE and PFAS and reinforced with ceramic particles, designed and manufactured by ILAG, is also used for Guardini's XBake, a collection of baking trays with reduced environmental impact, made using support steel from factories that are transformed using CO₂-reduced technologies, and for this reason awarded the "XCarb® green steel certificate", a trademark registered by ArcelorMittal, confirming the company's commitment to the decarbonisation of the steel industry, and contributing significantly to the reduction of CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere.


Made of the highest quality, highly thick, completely recyclable polypropylene with a long life cycle, Blim Plus collections are manufactured through an extremely short supply chain and completely Made in Italy. This brand offers a new idea of kitchen designed to meet people's needs while respecting the environment thanks to a qualitative and conscious use of plastic, “because there is plastic and plastic”.


In terms of material research, the German brand Jade develops kitchen products made of laminated wood fibre that is resistant, non-porous, antibacterial, resistant to high temperatures and dishwasher safe. Jade is distributed by Trebonn that, at Milano HOME, presents its new Everyday Collection 24 dedicated to table service and featuring an original colour palette: multi-purpose bowls, salad cutlery, colander. The inside of its bowls is always white.


Made in Italy and quality materials are CBE Elettrodomestici's priority; its wafer makers are made entirely of food-grade aluminium and do not use non-stick coatings of any kind. The company, which was founded in Abruzzo twenty years ago, manufactures electric moulds and biscuit makers for various types of wafers and now has more than 20 models with unique traditional designs. 


Accessories such as knife sharpeners are also essential objects for the kitchen. They are manufactured by the Freiburg-based company HORL 1993. These are high-tech products that are both elegant and easy to use. While the diamond grinding wheel slides gently along the blade, the sharpening gauge magnetically holds the knife at a 15° or 20° angle. 


As for colour trends, colour choices and designs reminiscent of nature are once again popular. The Preta collection by Arcucci is inspired by stone with its typical irregular surface and shape and a materiality enhanced by the shine of the sparkling and resistant glazes, the result of the work of the master ceramist. 


Handcrafted by master glassmakers, the Galbiati Milano glasses are all unique, one-of-a-kind works of art resulting from a few skilful gestures, measured blows that embody the designers' ideas. Slight imperfections and differences are turned into distinctive features.  


Nature also comes alive in Bloominville's collections. With the handmade Paula series, Bloominville stands out for its soft colours and subdued patterns, creating a minimalist look with a Nordic flair. 


Bright colours and refined decorations characterise the new collections of Andrea Fontebasso 1760, a historic Tognana brand specialising in the manufacture of fine porcelain and furnishing accessories. The essence of the Vintage collection are the leaves with gilded highlights that cover the fine porcelain plates and the elves.


The new Duet® Bella Ronde colours give character to the spherical teapot made of high-quality, double-walled stainless steel, which is now a classic in the Bredemeijer® collection.


RIG-TIG, an offspring from its mother corporation Stelton A/S, was founded in 2011. It is an award-winning kitchenware brand, where form and function are combined to a perfect balance.


The product categories ranges from small practical products to full size product series and can be single material items such as trivets but also a complete range of cookware such as pots and pans.


Since its foundation nearly 10 years ago, RIG-TIG has had a vision of offering attractive and functional products for kitchen enthusiasts and families with small children at a price that everyone can afford, while taking the earth’s limited resources into consideration.


Now RIG-TIG is taking a further step in a new circular economy strategy as an initiative against the use and throw away culture. RIG-TIG is working specifically in three areas within circular economy: MAINTAIN-IT, SHARE-IT, RECYCLE-IT.




The FOODIE hand mixer invites you to daily use with its functional and user-friendly design. FOODIE is an indispensable helper in the kitchen when making everything from whipped cream to mashed potatoes. The hand mixer can rest on the stable base which simultaneous is a built-in cable cover. With the ergonomic handle you get a firm grip and a safe hand in the kitchen.