You Are My Cup of Tea - Tea between ritual and design
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You Are My Cup of Tea - Tea between ritual and design

The classic cup of tea is synonymous with the encounter between ancient rituals and new habits, between design and taste. A world apart, made up of a set of precise, measured gestures and objects that every time allow to replicate the experience.

"Would you like a cup of tea?" is a promise of pleasant conversation, pauses for reflection, peaceful moments while being connected with ourselves, immersed in a visual and sensory journey through shapes and decorations, scents and flavours.


We range from the most iconic teapot made by the historic English ceramics company Price& Kensington (distributed in Italy by Phorma) with more than 100 years of history, to the English tradition revisited through the designs by Yvonne Ellen (distributed in Italy by Livellara), who still today makes her decorations exclusively by hand.


Another much-loved classic among tea connoisseurs comes from the Netherlands: the Bredemeijer®, a double-walled teapot that keeps beverages hot for one hour while also preserving the flavour.


The journey continues with Riccardo Capuzzo's Aquatic Creatures collection, whose decorations embrace his greatest passions: music and the sea.


Fade, a brand from San Marino, has been present on the market for over 50 years, constantly renewing its tableware ideas and proposing new, high quality items.


Last but not least, the extra touch of the fragrances offered by Cereria Molla, who created the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the tea ritual thanks to the Tea & Lemongrass collection.