The fragrances of Tuscany with Wally 1925

The fragrances of Tuscany with Wally 1925

Historic artisan products meet cosmetic research by combining essential oils and synthetic molecules.

Wally was born in 1925 under the sign of the swallow: "Swallow" was the name of the company's most successful product, a dye that received top honors at major exhibitions and brought it to the attention of the market.


Today, after nearly 100 years, the brand continues to look ahead, starting from the quality and authenticity of its vintage artisan products expanding the proposals also thanks to new knowledge in cosmetology.


Each fragrance is a creation that combines high concentrations of essential oils with carefully selected synthetic molecules. The region of Tuscany is the star of the fragrances, which are specially created with aromas that evoke and convey the spirit of the lands.


The company is dedicated to research and development with an in-house lab and offers a wide range of products from home fragrance emitters to laundry fragrances and cleansing and body care products, offering the opportunity to fully immerse oneself in a world of scents and personal care inspired by Tuscan beauty and tradition.