Addvent: discover the Art of Adventure. Discovering the world with new eyes

Addvent: discover the Art of Adventure. Discovering the world with new eyes

Addvent collaborates with artists from all over the world to create posters and illustrated products.


Designed with care and passion, each set of illustrations is dedicated to a different theme: visit the 7 Wonders of the World, Taste the 40 Best Italian Wines, Discover the 7 Icons of Futurism in Milan are just some of the Addventures, ordinary and extraordinary experiences to be lived and collected on paper, designed for curious minds in search of new challenges.



An invitation to explore


Addvent has a threefold objective: to encourage people to discover Milan, Italy and the world with new eyes, become a showcase for emerging artists and support and collaborate with organisations and realities that work to enhance Italian heritage by providing new communication tools and channels.


Through the communicative language of the illustrations and the unique perspective of the young artists, Addvent describes the world around us and invites people to experience, discover and explore it with a different spirit.



Print and paper quality


One of the distinctive features of Addvent posters is the careful selection of paper and print quality, which make the products premium and sophisticated.


Fedrigoni paper enhances the illustrations, and thanks to the HP Indigo digital press, the colour rendering is always vivid and accurate.


Addvent invites artists to sign their works and prints and labels each product sold by hand in its studio: “We try to make everything special, for us and for those who receive our prints”.



The new collection


For Milano Home 2024, Addvent presents a new collection of prints in collaboration with leading Italian illustrators such as Marco Brancato, Valeria Crociata, Gianluca Biscalchin, Valentina Bongiovanni and many others.


The artists interpreted the proposed themes with their unique insight and immediately recognisable style, resulting in small works of art.



Originality and Authenticity


Originality and Authenticity are two fundamental values for the company: the Addvent team works each day to create products that are carefully designed and studied in every detail, which stand out for their content and visual research.


The ideas for Addventures originate from the interests and passions of the team and, leaving full freedom to the artists, come to life on paper, producing ever-new perspectives.


The style of each creation varies from artist to artist, but each work is always consistent and valued thanks to the team's minimal design and artistic direction.



The History


Addvent is a project of Colab, an international company based in Milan (IT) and Lititz (PA, USA). The two teams collaborate to create design, branding and architecture projects.


It is a small company with a growing network of young artists from both Italy and the United States. The aim is to create meaningful products and provide high quality services that fully reflect the customers' identity, with a unique approach based on authenticity, originality, and curiosity.



See you at Milano Home 2024!




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