Amefa: everything you need to set the table
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Amefa: everything you need to set the table

For more than 85 years, Amefa, a Dutch company in its third generation, now headed by Jean-Michel Parisy and Peter Hollaender, the founder's grandson, has been producing and marketing cutlery and kitchen knives and distributing important international brands in the world of tableware: Couzon (cutlery and crockery) Cuisinox (cookware), Sabatier Trompette (kitchen knives), Richardson Sheffield (kitchen knives), Paul Wirths (cutlery) and Medard de Noblat (porcelain). Expertise in tableware and kitchenware to anticipate the needs of the international market: this is the signature style of the company



Our interview with Franck Bergemine, Export Manager of Amefa



What are the main features of your products and which of them make you stand out in the industry?


Couzon and Médard de Noblat are both high-end French tableware brands. Couzon produces modern collections of high-quality cutlery and accessories in stainless steel, while Médard de Noblat offers porcelain and stoneware plate collections for a refined and 'casual chic' table.



How important is the Horeca segment for your company, in what percentage and to which countries do you mainly export?


The Ho.Re.Ca. segment represents 25% of our business. We export our brands to about 65 countries worldwide and the main country to which we export Couzon is the United States.



What brands do you distribute in Italy and abroad, which are the most popular and which collections?


In Italy we distribute mainly through retail. Our brands are Amefa, Lou Laguiole, Richardson Sheffield, Sabatier Trompette, Couzon, Médard de Noblat and Cuisinox.



Which brands best represent your company?


As a French guy from Limoges with a history in the high-end porcelain industry, I would definitely say the crockery by Médard de Noblat, but also Couzon, because their lines of cutlery match perfectly with porcelain and stoneware plates.



What new products will you be presenting at Milano Home?


We will present our latest collections of Couzon PVD and the satin finishes on our line of cutlery named Side (gold, copper, black and satin steel). We will also present Aster, Vertigo and Oxalis, our new permanent models of Médard de Noblat, as well as many new table set promotions (Berry, Muse, Colette, Syracuse, Matrix, Bee, Nelly, Egée, Harry and Pop).