Aperitivi Olfattivi (olfactory sessions), sensory experiences around the world of fragrances
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Aperitivi Olfattivi (olfactory sessions), sensory experiences around the world of fragrances

Milano Home presents four events that embrace different areas intertwined with fragrance: from travel to how to live better in your home to perfume, a marketing lever influencing purchasing behaviour. The meetings are led by Marco Merola, creator of the Casimiro brand.



What is the best way to sell fragrances in-store? Aperitivi Olfattivi are coming to Milano Home, a series of four events that will be repeated during the 4 days of the exhibition.


The project bears the signature of Marco Merola, creator of the Casimiro brand with a store in Reggio Emilia dedicated to the world of perfume.   





Everything revolves around sensory experience: from marketing to travel, from products to memories, from perceptions to influences on buying behaviour, each individual fragrance helps us to portray a detailed vision of reality that results from our mind.


Aperitivi Olfattivi welcome Milano Home visitors at the Vibes Cafè area (Hall 1). An opportunity to deepen your knowledge with a programme that opens up a world of suggestions: from olfactory marketing, with perfumes and fragrances that influence people's mental and physical well-being, to a journey to discover oriental spices, aromatic herbs and Provencal lavender; from everything needed to create, incorporate, sell and renew a product line, to a focus on fragrances that help increase sales, with a large area dedicated to candles, oil burners, sprays, bakhoors and diffusers.


A few notes on the host. Originally from Campania, Marco Merola was a leading figure in high-end fashion before he tried his hand at this specialised and innovative sector. An experience that was successfully put to use when the time came to take on new challenges, explore new dynamics and work on different operational strategies.


As a "seller of emotions", as he describes himself, Merola planned each step, focusing on creating private labels for his store and for other brands. Strengthened by the feedback received from the market, enthusiasm and competence are the two distinctive and rewarding factors that paved the way for him to successfully explore new horizons.


All this gives life to products that preserve the charm of craftsmanship. Unique scents and fragrances, capable of reflecting and enhancing the tastes and personality of each customer, represent the added value of research carried out with passion and expertise.  




The meetings.


Il giro del mondo in un profumo (around the world in a perfume): il viaggio e la materia (travel and material) (Thursday, January 11, at 3pm-4pm); Saturday 13 at 3pm-4pm)


Il marketing olfattivo (olfactory marketing) (Friday, January 12 at 12pm -1pm); Saturday 13 at 12pm-1pm)


Il mio profumo: la private label (my perfume: the private label) (Thursday, January 12, at 3pm-4pm); Sunday 14 at 11am-12pm)


Fragrance Zoning (Saturday 13 at 11am -12pm); Sunday 13 at 10am -11am)