Baci Milano: the power of ideas
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Baci Milano: the power of ideas

If you can dream it, you can do it. This must have been true for Baci Milano. Walt Disney's famous words come to mind when thinking about this company’s history: “A company is the result of people who have lovingly and stubbornly believed that thoughts can become something practical and that ideas, when combined with sacrifice and experience, can be transformed into tangible substance.” This is how Silvia and Giovanni, visionary entrepreneurs with a passion for challenges, describe their business, which started in 2006 with the first products bearing the Baci Milano signature and now boasts numerous collections that are all original and distinctive.


Milan is the city where this dream started, a city always ready to keep up with the future. On the other hand, Baci (kisses) represent the simplest yet most powerful way to show and demonstrate a feeling, the natural way of communication that people use to show affection. Thus, this Company that lives of love among the Milanese streets could not have chosen a different name.


Silvia and Giovanni, who today lead a family-run business that travels fast without ever losing touch with the real world, while maintaining strong and solid relations with the entire corporate structure, have been able to create a caring company, capable of paying attention to all the steps to be made.


As the say: "This is the tale of those who invest every single resource they have to give emotions and spread confidence, to create versatile yet innovative objects. Because the road taken goes forward with the idea that design can enter people's lives without revolutionising tradition, but blending in with change."